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Chyna Interested In Returning To TNA, Jackie Upset With Snub

— Though Chyna has her sights set on returning to WWE, she has expressed interest in performing for TNA Wrestling again.

“I would like the opportunity to work with TNA,” she said on Twitter in response to whether she would like to perform for the organization again.

She added, “Love all the girls at TNA.”

Chyna’s stint with TNA earlier this year lasted only two dates; no official agreement was made for her to continue working. She stated in a June interview that she never heard back from company officials after her final appearance.

— Jackie Moore expressed her disappointment with being left off the 10-Knockouts Gauntlet Match at Monday’s Impact Wrestling taping. The match, which airs tonight, will determine a new number one contender to Gail Kim’s TNA Women’s Knockout Championship.

The sparingly seen Knockout tweeted, “Did they forget to book me for the big Gauntlet match? That’s a shame.”

Moore has yet to compete for TNA since being awarded a contract by Knockouts head Karen Jarrett on the September 1 episode of Impact Wrestling.

  • Nicholas G

    Chyna to me is a peace of work she took X-Pac career right down the toilet when those two went out. Does this ring a bell because Melina is doing the same with John Morrison that is why X-Pac has been so hard on Morrison so he won’t make the same mistake X-Pac did. I am not a big fan of Morrison but do feel he could be a big star one day if he lose that drama queen Melina. I feel Melina is killing Morrison career.

    Now back to Chyna this lady always act like she is the victim. Changing her story the whole HHH dumping her for Steph. An Chyna thinks HHH was cheating behind her back look it is not like HHH and Chyna were married. She should have let that whole thing go. Yearly this year before she show up in TNA Vince was strongly on board to bring her back to the WWE. But when she show up in TNA that kill that she just prove she can not be trusted. To me Chyna career in wrestling is flat out done.

  • Moe

    WWE won’t take you back so you want in to TNA! You suck Chyna! Well yes she does suck. Sucking poles!

  • venom


    She’ll drop dead soon.

  • SuperMysterio

    @Venom! Leave her alone. She’s beautiful

  • Soulshroude

    Chyna is pathetic, yes. First she doesn’t get a reply back from WWE Corporate and now she wants to brown nose TNA for a contract. If that’s not pathetic, I don’t know what is. Stick to porn, you whore.

  • adam

    Ya but x-pac its a little different. He is being braught back because he is friends with triple h and HBK. Chyna burnt all the bridges she had when she left. SO there not going to go out on a limb for someone who basically talked shit about steph and all that happend between trips and steph and chyna. Chyna seriously just stop no company wants you anymore both companies you knew the deal. Tna told you point blank dont do this if you want to work with us again and you were probably like ohhh ok. Then you know wwe pg would be a bad idea to realse another one. And you go ook i will let this company film a bunch of guys screwing me come on. Plus im sure wwe doesnt care about the old one because it happened soooooo long ago. This one just came out and is in recent memory so thats a problem.

  • stockshark

    Hey wait WWE is willing to bring back former stars that have did porn! Just who was in China on that one night? Who was it? Come on who was it? Say it CC SHA……… SHA…………. XPAC working scouting talent for WWE!

  • CC

    She really is a fucking idiot. Does she not realise that actions can have repercussions?
    Firstly if she was told by TNA that they would not work with her again if she did the porno, then went ahead and did it, why can she not understand why they didnt contact her?
    And secondly, if she is that desperate to return to WWE, why do it in the first place? WWE has been PG long enough for her to realise that they are not going to work with someone who has done porno in recent times.
    This is not the days when WWE encouraged its girls to do Playboy, so why would they take on someone who has gone even further than a few tits and ass photos?

  • venom

    TNA told her they want nothing to do with her if she released that new video and she did it anyways. WWE and TNA want nothing to do with you. Go away like Matt Hardy.

  • PinkSinCara

    Chyna, your desperation is slowly becoming more unattractive than your penis. Give it up, and go find X-pac.

  • 1 2 3

    She must be broke sounding desperate.