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Classy Daniel Bryan Forms an In-Hotel Queue for Fans to Have Autographs and Pictures

– Following last night’s SmackDown taping, Daniel Bryan was mobbed by fans asking for autograph/picture when he arrived back at his hotel. Bryan being the class act he is, said he would take a picture and sign his autograph for every fan making a queue inside the hotel. Below is a photo of the queue from the hotel:

Daniel Bryan fans

  • Truefan

    ok but cmon…besides gettin the crowd to chant YES does he really control a whole f***ing crowd like The Rock could?or even DDP cuz DDP used to just come out and have all eyes on him in a physical way just the way he could play the crowd but man The Rock was just gold with the people good guy or bad guy theyd sing-a-long with the champ!

  • Omar

    Its not a big deal. DDP used to be People’s Champion as well.

  • Josh

    I can’t possibly imagine being a grown man carrying around a toy wrestling belt.

  • Truefan

    Did you really just say that?

  • ChrisDV

    …Can we take “The People’s Champion” from The Rock & give it to Bryan? PLEASE???