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CM Punk Asked About Ultimate Warrior & the WWE Hall of Fame, Warrior Comments

– As noted earlier, The Ultimate Warrior claimed this weekend that he turned down a WWE Hall of Fame invite from Vince McMahon. A fan on Twitter asked WWE Champion CM Punk what he thought the chances were that Warrior would accept a Hall of Fame invite. Punk replied with the following message that was re-tweeted by Warrior:

“Zero. Why would he?”

Warrior later wrote the following regarding the Hall of Fame:

“Achievements worth honoring should not also be shit upon by the very people who desire bestowing honor. That is shit this Honoree won’t eat.”

  • venom

    Warrior is his own biggest fan.

  • Johnny Thunder

    @hbk fan

    Have you ever thrown a tv against the ground while on? Even more so an older model?

  • hbk fan

    the screw job is still the biggest work in wrestling tv monitors dont explode just saying

  • Big T

    This is all a story line, just like the Montreal ScrewJob was a 10+ year storyline.

  • Sarrkazztic

    Personally I thought The Ultimate Warrior sucked. Chris Benoit should be in the HOF before Warrior.

  • El Dandy

    He won’t go in hall of fame but he’s happy enough to take the money from action figures and the All-Stars game

  • Suck it up warrior look at all the crap bret hart went through and he still took the induction

  • hbk fan

    punks a lil warrior feel the power