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CM Punk Assaulted by a Fan, News on Tonight’s WWE RAW

– Malik sent word that CM Punk was punched in the face by a young fan at last night’s WWE show in Shreveport, Louisiana. Punk’s eye was reportedly bloodied. The fan and his friends were thrown out.

– Tonight’s WWE RAW will take place from the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. WWE is advertising John Cena vs. CM Punk as tonight’s TV main event, being Cena’s return to ring action on TV.

Advertised locally is John Cena and Randy Orton vs. CM Punk and The Miz.

  • Well @Joec316, first of all dude, Cena has nothing to do with the aspects of “Pro Wrestling”, personally, i love wrestling with a passion and i’m not hating on cena, he’s garbage, he can only do 3-5 moves, then if his ass gets beat, he turns into “Super Cena” and that right there is an embarrassment to Pro Wrestling itself. Cena Marks need to back off and learn a little something from this.

  • D-Man

    In my picture of Punk egging the kid, he (Punk) is taunting the kid by leaning towards him saying something and you can see the kids hand raised to slap him. I looked away and then looked back and saw Punk had the kid and another kid by the shirt and that’s alledgedly when the dad punch Punk. The next picture I have shows Punk walking away and WWE officals talking to the people and the last one is of him standing in front of me.

  • D-Man

    I was at the show and can confirm this happened. CM Punk stopped in front of me (my seat was at the railing) after the incident and I have a close up picture of him that shows a cut on his right eye and some blood on his chest. I also have a picture of him egging the little kid on that ended with the kids dad punching Punk!

  • Satan

    ^^^ if thats true than it serves him right i don’t care how old you are YOU DO NOT SLAP JESUS IN THE FACE.

  • Me

    Hey that person was only nine years old plus cm punk made the kid cry

  • RCA

    @CC, yes, people do cross the line when they don’t realize the difference between reality and characters. At the same time, some of these characters are making some pretty big statements. Especially characters like CM Punk from SES days. Some people take these statements to heart. It may or may not be right, but it happens.

  • CM Mark

    It seems there is more to this story if you search it on the web a little bit. Punk may have been at fault here. I’m not sure but some of the other websites are playing it up that way. I hope he doesn’t get in trouble over this or a lawsuit or some stupid thing that would put him out of action AGAIN.

  • CM Mark


    That just made my day. GTS him right to unemployment line.

  • CM Mark

    Oh man. Punk got his ass kicked by a fan. Oh man…

  • mark

    well said joec316 im the same respect to u mate

  • jayare69

    why don’t theyhave a match cm skunk vs wade barrett for the power of nuxus. feel sorry for cm skunk’s eye too bad it wasn’t his nuts!!

  • Joec316

    Two things here. 1st the went over the line. You can boo them and express yourself other ways but you never hit or throw things at them. Thats just disrespectful. I hope the guy went to jail for it. And the 2nd thing is that not all cena fans are Justin Bieber fans or even like bieber. I’m a huge John Cena fan and i don’t like Justin Bieber. And not all cena fans are under the age of 16. I’m 30 and am a huge fan of cena’s. So why are you hating on cena? The man loves and resepcts pro wrestling. Its not his fault wrestling is the way it is. Ohh… and if you don’t like him or the way wrestling is,don’t watch! Just change the channel,read a book,go see a movie. Do your own thing. Use your brain for once!

  • Automattic

    I can see it now, the guy is going to go to work today, get up to take a bathroom break, and standing there will be CM Punk. Just as the guy is thinking “what the…” he’ll get attacked from the rest of the Nexus as they jump out of random cubicles. Naturally, everyone will hit their finishers, ending with Punk’s Go-to-Sleep. The guy will then be fired for sleeping on the job. As we are witnessing the carnage, Michael Cole will remind us of the big afternoon status meeting, and we’ll go to a commercial break for the lastest direct-to-DVD WWE movie.

  • Pieman

    The worst combination you could get into one fan Mazaradi.

  • Monyka

    Hey! I’m a John Cena fan and I would never punch CM Punk in the face. @Mazaradi BTW what the hell does justin biber has to do with wrestling?? he’s soo weak even watching wrestling scres him. I resent being put in the same category as a Justin bieber fan I hate that guy maybe I would punch him in the face

  • More Likely They’re Justin Bieber And Cena Fans

  • shawn

    its not smart provoking wrestlers because they get jet-lag and still work their butts off. its also not smart to provoke a teenager cause they think they are tough and have nil optimism.

  • Jobber4Life

    I wonder if his eye injury will be visible on TV tonight?

  • keylo

    cena fan no doubt

  • HeartBreakHill

    Maybe it was the old lady the decked Punk during the SES days and told him he wasn’t Jesus…

  • hrasek

    I guess that “I forgive you” line wouldn’t work now 🙂

  • Soulshroude

    More then likely either a red-neck or gang-bangin schmuck. Either one pisses me off.

  • mark


  • oxslangshoot

    obviously a hardy fan

  • CC

    Pisses me off when morons overstep the mark cause they cant tell the difference between reality and wrestling characters.