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CM Punk Cuts Twitter Promo On John Cena Promoting Night of Champions Match

This Sunday at WWE’s Night of Champions, WWE Champion CM Punk will have the opportunity to, as John Cena put it, “define [his] existence” by defeating the master of the Five Knuckle Shuffle before Cena’s hometown crowd in Boston, Massachusetts. Promoting their pay-per-view encounter, the Straight Edge Superstar cut a promo on Twitter Wednesday afternoon asking whether Boston has any pride in Cena.

Punk wrote, “#wwenoc this Sunday @johncena in his hometown vs me, the best wrestler in the world. I don’t like johns chances…

“I don’t think his own hometown of Boston does either. Chicago treats champions with respect. Will Boston? I promise a fight. #WWENOC

“By the way. Anytime I’ve wrestled @johncena in a main event on PPV, it’s been sold out. Will Boston step up and pack the Garden?

“Does Boston even have any pride in their hometown hero @johncena ? Does Boston have any pride at all? #WWENOC

“The champion should be in the main event. However I’ll take my quality over @johncena quantity.#WWENOC main event. Can’t wait. #kneestofaces.”

  • Yes! 3X

    @Paul S. You clearly didn’t even take the time to read my short and simple post in its entirety. I said the fact that Cena gets to main event multiple ppvs without being champion or wrestling for the championship reminds me of HBK’s similar circumstances in 1997. It’s because of that HBK started referring to himself as “the main event”. I wasn’t comparing their in-ring styles or personas. Think before you type.

  • paul s

    Cena reminds u of hbk? Give me a fucking break. Cena is a rehashed boring hulk hogan clone that makes money because kids want the hat tshirt wristbands lunchboxes bla bla bla. Hbk… dont make me laugh

  • Yes! 3X

    It’s funny that the only way Punk can get into the main event of a ppv is by wrestling John Cena. Cena reminds me of HBK in 1997. As he didn’t need to be champion to main event ppvs.

  • Dan

    I don’t think Cena will win the Rumble, for the simple fact that would mean the WWE title would be defended in an Elimination Chamber at the next PPV, if past years are anything to go by, and I can’t see Rock competing in an EC match. Someone like Rhodes or Barrett will win the Rumble and Cena will win the Number 1 contender for WWE Title Elimination Chamber.

  • mike

    @ nick ^ ok cool

  • nick

    im going all the way from ottawa to see the royal rumble, im in the front row

  • Best In The World

    Punk will be champ till royal rumble, Rock beats punk Cena wins rumble hence Rock vs Cena 2 i dont want rock vs cena 2 but itll probably happen