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CM Punk Discusses Living the WWE Lifestyle and John Cena’s Appeal

– CM Punk recently spoke with The New York Post to promote Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. Here are some highlights:

The WWE lifestyle, always being on the road:
“You know, it’s not really a drain, I signed up for it and that’s the kind of person I am. If you sign up for something, you don’t really have the rights to complain about it and I am one of the people on earth that thinks if you don’t think life is purely for entertainment, then you’re missing something. I love being busy and that hectic, go, go, go schedule and I love being in a different city every night. I feel like I was built for it.”

John Cena:
“It’s really interesting that nobody has been able to scratch at Cena as the ace of the company. I’ve always been a believer in my own abilities and have said if given a shot I could be that guy. I think John Cena’s appeal is that he’s a superhero, a big muscle-bound He-Man type guy. I’ve beat John Cena in merchandise sales and I won’t get into that but if you put my ugly face on a poster, because I don’t look like a superhero.”

  • venom

    WWE is making Punk the top guy in WWE because Punk proved at MITB ppv that he is a draw. I am glad he is getting a face and it’s better to see him in the title picture instead of Cena. I think Cena and Orton should take a few years off of wrestling some people won’t hate them so much.

  • breezy

    cm punk doesnt want to be put out there all the time like they do cena. he knows what the people want. but they continue to try to make him an equal to randy orton and john cena. but i tell everyone everyday the miz is the best in the world today. cm punk shouldve been that heel that everyone likes. sort of like stone cold when he first started cursing and randy orton before he turned on legacy, triple h when he faced john cena at wm22. he had that chance to be the biggest draw in wwe. but they dropped the ball when he came to early, lost to triple h at night of champions, then became a tag team with triple h, and now facing del rio in a match that makes no sense to be put together.

  • MJ

    You know i dont care if punk is the face of the company or not i like the fact that he’s getting a shot. I this time last year he was recovering from having to job to the big show and having rey shve his head. its cm punk’s time to shine. plus i rather hear his piebombs then hear about the rock vs john cena being shoved down our throats for damn near a year!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I admit, I’ve already started about that broken record with his repetitive “pipe bombs” and how he is starting to get shoved down our throats like Cena or Orton.

  • JIR

    and by this time next year everyone will bitch about Punk we as a whole are to damn petty and fickle

  • Valo487

    I couldn’t agree more Devil_Rising.

  • Devil_Rising

    Well if rumors (“news”) on this website over the last few months have been true, then Punk is in line for a monster push as “the guy” going into WM and beyond. Hope it’s true. I’ve had ENOUGH Orton and Cena to last me 60 years.