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CM Punk Discusses The Rock, Possible WrestleMania Opponents and More

– WWE Champion CM Punk spoke with Jon Robinson of over the Survivor Series weekend. Here are some highlights:

Jon Robinson: Wrestlemania, it’s The Rock versus John Cena. What do you think about him coming back and getting the main event spot when most of what we’ve seen of him throughout the year has been via satellite?

CM Punk: I don’t know if it’s some weird vanity project for him to come back and fraternize with us little people, but I appreciate it. If it puts more money in my bank account, that’s cool, even if I’m not a money guy. I’m very passionate about wrestling. This is what I do. I’m not leaving to go film movies. It’s just me and the rest of the crew, the men and women of the WWE who are on the road constantly, and I’m not the only one who is, I don’t want to say bitter, because I get it, it’s a business move where Dwayne comes in and people buy some pay-per-views, but it’s the attitude that gets to me. He’s very bourgeoisie Hollywood, and I just wish he would say hello to people backstage and not act like he was above everybody. Cena doesn’t act like that. Cena sits and talks and fraternizes with everybody, but Dwayne just can’t be bothered. Then again, I don’t know if anyone really wants to hang out with him. He was in the “Tooth Fairy.” If he’s so good at what he does, why doesn’t he impart some of that knowledge to the young guys and help out? I guess I’m just trying to figure out why he came back. I don’t think it’s money. I think he’s OK money-wise, so I don’t know.

Jon Robinson: Looking ahead to Wrestlemania, there’s Rock versus John Cena, but I’d actually rather see Austin versus Punk. Will we ever get a CM Punk versus Steve Austin main event?

CM Punk: I would rather see Austin/Punk, too. I would love to poll everybody who is going to order Wrestlemania and ask them, what would you rather see. Would you rather see Cena/Rock or Stone Cold/CM Punk? I’m biased, obviously, but I think we’d have a landslide victory. It’s up to Steve, really, but he’s certainly not going to do it this year. Honestly, if Steve Austin comes back to wrestling, he should be the main event of Wrestlemania, but he can’t right now, because Dwayne is. I think Dwayne would get a little butt hurt if Steve took his Mania spot, but then at least Dwayne would understand how the rest of us feel. So I know that’s not going to happen this year, but I would love for it to happen next year. I don’t want to say it’s a goal of mine, but it’s definitely something that would be challenging and fun to do. I think Austin was the best worker for many, many, many, many, many years, and that’s even pre-Stone Cold. “Stunning” Steve Austin was amazing.

Jon Robinson: So with Austin out this year, who would you like to face? Chris Jericho? The Undertaker?

CM Punk: To me, this is the $65,000 question … or is it $64,000? It’s tough to tell with inflation. Anyway, that’s the thing, I guess I’ve finally broken through and now I’m this newly minted main event, top WWE wrestler and everybody is wondering what I’m doing for Wrestlemania. This has been the story of my life. Every year leading up to Wrestlemania, I don’t even know if I’m going to be on the show. I remember I had to pitch in order to get me and Rey (Mysterio) for Wrestlemania. It’s not like they were coming to me, so I went to Rey, asked him if he knew what he was doing, and came to him with my idea. He loved it, so we ran with it. So every year, I’m sitting here crossing my fingers that I’m in Wrestlemania. Even last year, I was on Wrestlemania because Randy (Orton) needed somebody to wrestle, let’s be honest. This is the first year where it really seems like, oh crap, we actually have to do something with Punk at Wrestlemania and it has to be high-caliber, it has to be big.

So who am I going to wrestle? I don’t know. I get a lot of, “You should wrestle Undertaker.” I would love to. That would kick ass. He is one of my favorite guys to work with. I get a lot of, “It’s going to be you and Jericho,” but you know what, he doesn’t work here. Obviously, he could come back between now and then, but who knows.

  • Howe

    @fivo, around the time that The Rock returned, he was a major part of a movie that grossed half a billion dollars worldwide. That’s a pretty significant buzz.

    But if he’s acting above the current crop of wrestlers, then that sucks. Wonder if Austin does the same thing when he comes back?

  • poko

    The Rock is a person who is addicted to the spotlight. Football, wrestling, films, it doesn’t really matter as long as he gets the attention of the fans. I’m not saying that as a bad thing, it’s just the way some people are. He has no real loyalty to any form of media, not the way Punk loves wrestling. The Rock came back because he could fit it in his schedule, and because he knew he would get the reaction that he’s gotten so far. The Rock came back because he knew he would be the biggest draw at one of the biggest events of the year. Yeah, I think “ego” is the answer.

    Not that I hold it against him, half the people in films or in wrestling are there for the very same reason, though they haven’t achieved the success of The Rock.

  • 27mavs

    All of the people who agree with Punk are the young generation who never got to see Rock. All of those current top level superstars that are bashing The Rock are jealous that they’ll never be known for anything other than being a ‘sports entertainer’ in a crappy era of WWE. That’s also why Rock will never fully return to WWE because the superstars & matches suck nowadays. Rock would ruin his legacy with the crap WWE puts out today. No current superstar is a threat to The Rock.

  • Senior Official

    Nah, CM Punk just says what we all know on TV and stating the obvious makes him popular. Instead of entertaining the people. He says what everyone says on forums basically. People speak of CM Punk as if he’s the most epic wrestler. Probably for a generation who has been swamped by Cena for the past 6yrs. But for a guy who watched the start and finish of the Attitude Era, where there were always 4-8 guys highlighting a night instead of…. 1-2. And the guys who won teh title had a legit skill set instead of just winning the title at random to try and make a nobody look like a somebody (Alberto, Miz). Back then, those guys would be IC. champ at best. Sorry but i don’t buy what they are selling these days. If i had to guess though, Rock came back because he respects wrestling and its fans. He came back and showed what a wrestler is and entertains people.

  • D2K

    Why would CM Punk be jealous of The Rock when he is on pace to surpass everything he did in a shorter span of time? The brainwashing job done by WWE on the fans is astounding to say the least. The Rock could come out and say he was a mass-murderer and WWE fans would probably excuse him for it.

    CM Punk told nothing but the truth in this interview. I’m sorry if that interrupts the bliss of ignorance covering the “WWE Universe” and “Team Bring-It” *rollseyes*

    It’s like someone once said. “I know what I know. Stop trying to confuse me with the facts.” Nothing is better than watching a man in his late 30’s run around the ring screaming “Yabba-Dabba-Doo” and talking about Fruity Pebbles, Barney turds, homeless Power Rangers, and a lost Snagglepuss. Yeah. CM Punk will NEVER ascend to that level……..

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Alot of actors make millions of dollars per film yet alot of actors go shit broke. Just because they make millions doesnt mean they know how to use it.

  • BloodScorpio

    The Rock makes millions by millions of dollars a movie WHY would he be in it for the money?

  • No1Coleminer

    omg seriously? really? why is every top star bashing rocky?!! he is god! he does NO wrong… ever! so what if he left for 7 years distancing himself from everything wwe so he could make oscar nominated movies and performances, he is the great one. this is a conspiracy! blasphemy! how dare anyone wwe person diss rocky!!!

  • get rowdy

    Punk sounds like a sook, he’s always hammering the rock then wonders why rock doesn’t have time for him.. I wonder why?

  • jim

    Rock came back because of his EGO

  • HighVoltage101

    @fivegoeswest – if anything, making wrestling appearances is detrimental to his Hollywood career, and it will not land him better movie roles. Why do you think he stayed away from the business for so long? Being associated with the word ‘wrestling’ was deterring people from offering him roles. And of course there wasn’t any buzz around The Rock within the wrestling world before Wrestlemania, for all we knew he was never coming back, so why would we talk about him? That’s just pointing out the obvious.

    Coming back for the money? The guy probably makes 10 million dollars a movie at the very minimum, what’s a few thousand extra dollars from the WWE? Lol.

    Bottom line is this: He stayed away from wrestling to elevate his Hollywood career, and let’s be honest – we all would have done the same. Now that he’s a credible and established star within Hollywood he no longer needs to stay away from pro wrestling so there’s no issue in him making appearances anymore. He doesn’t need to make WWE appearances AT ALL but he still chooses to… that says a lot.

  • phoenix

    This is really a Attitude err vs PG 13 era. How come nobody says anything about SSCA when he shows his face in between films.

  • fivogoeswest


    Dude I’m sorry but if anything the rock “came back” for its not cause the fans wanted him. He did it all for the money. If he really cared about the fans he wouldn’t have waited 7 damn years to make an appearance. Dude if anything this is the rock trying to elevate his celebrity status and get a few better roles in some movies. I mean honestly dude before all this wrestlemania stuff went down how how much buzz do you remember going on about the rock? Cause the only thing I remember is a few crappy Disney movies or whatever. Again dude the rock did not come back cause the fans wanted him.

  • kenn

    That is now TWO big time guys who have mentioned that The Rock doesn’t interact with the other people in the locker room (Randy Orton did as well)

  • HighVoltage101

    Wow this guy is really jealous of The Rock. He came back because the fans want to see him, more so than you, and he wants to please his fans. There’s really not much more to it. I think it pains Punk to admit that that’s a very noble move by The Rock seeing as he didn’t have to come back. But no, giving The Rock any credit would be blasphemous Punk wouldn’t it? Lol. I wonder how Punk felt when MSG erupted for The Rock at Survivor Series even after a 7 year hiatus from the ring. This insecure moron’s rants are getting boring now. The Rock is more successful and popular than you Punk, get over it.

  • CM Mark