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More on CM Punk Possibly Leaving WWE

– As noted before, there is talk that CM Punk is looking to leave WWE when his contract expires in a few months. The possibility of Punk leaving has been discussed internally for some time now but the talk picked up during the recent European tour.

Sources report that Punk has been offered a new long-term deal with WWE but hasn’t signed it yet. Word is that he’s burnt out with being on the road for years and unhappy with his position in the company over the last year.

Punk could sign the deal with WWE any time but with more sources talking about Punk leaving, it’s a possibility.


  • U ain’t awesome


  • rob

    because Punk is carrying “Nexus” leftovers, i’m still confused over that whole concept..

  • CM Mark

    Punk had a few WOW matches with Mysterio when he was still on Smackdown and his recent matches with Cena on Raw were some of Cena’s best matches ever. But in the past few months, no, Punk has been relatively quiet.

  • Nicholas G

    This is just like Chris Jericho when it comes to guys like CM Punk leaving. Meaning don’t see him going over to TNA. Heck CM Punk said many years ago that he would never step foot in TNA. Plus it would really be a down grade in his career. No matter how much the internet don’t want to believe it TNA is very very minor league and only guys at the end of there careers or didn’t have any major success in WWE goes to TNA CM Punk is neither. Plus Punk don’t want to be around a bunch of junkies.

    I feel he will in time resign with the WWE. Just like Mysterio did when the internet spread rumors that he was leaving WWE. Nobody major from the WWE will every step foot in TNA. CM Punk will still be a part of WWE a year from now.

  • Max

    I agree that Del Rio was given a push too fast, he hasn’t proven himself yet, he hasn’t earned his spots yet in WWE anyways. Same thing that happened to Swagger, Angle, Sheamus, among many others. R-truth really hasn’t done much either, but at the moment between punk and truth i’d have to say that truth is at least doing something with his character now. This new “bad guy” image he has going on is great and very classic or as people say nowadays old school. Attacking the peole that WWE is trying to target as fans now is the best thing you can do to become a good bad guy, which is kids, attack the kids and the stars they like like Morrison.CM Punk i’m one of his fans but in all honesty he really hasn’t done anything to earn a title shot, his matches have not been impressive, he’s gotten too comfortable where he stands. All these wrestling companies tell you whose gonna win and lose, but they don’t tell you you cant have a great match, but you have to want to have a great one. Punk really hasn’t been wanting to lately, maybe he does need time off, and to be honest i think everyone in WWE needs time off because a good wrestling match i have not seen in years. HBK vs Taker was the last “wow” match i saw.

  • Soulshroude

    Never did like Chicago-made Punk. Either the music or the wrestler. More power to him.

  • adam

    I think punk will just take a break if he leaves at all. Because he was in tna for a little while when it first started and then came to wwe anyways. Also what is there for him to do in tna win a title that means nothing. I mean the tna world title means about as much as the wwe us title or divas title. Punk is better off recharging his battery doing what jericho does come back when you are 100 percent and then they will prolly give him another title run. The reason they are doing the factions with him right now are because they realize if he might not come back we cant put the title on him then he says i want a break anyways. I am willing to say that it is a 99.9999999999999% chance punk wont go in tna. Like i said tna has nothing to offer him they cant pay as much as wwe there best comptition for him aj styles is in a stupid faction feud. Also people say wwe doesnt wrestle they have no compettion for him. Neither does tna who besides AJ is he going to go against matt hardy bubba ray dudley rob terry. I mean come on. It would be huge for tna to sign punk because they would finally have a number one guy that they can run with. But punk in tna wouldnt work out. People like to use the saying big fish in a small pond. Punk would be a gigantic fish in a little puddle. IN wwe he is a big fish in a ocean but he can be a bigger star there. Now if he wants to just quit wrestling he has had a hell of a career and god bless in whatever he does.

  • CM Mark

    A bit off topic don’t you think? BUT,
    I have no problem with Mexicans specifically sir. My problem is with the WWE and their “Priorities” these days. Which is more Spanish spoken segments and more Spanish talent being pushed ahead of people like Punk, who have EARNED their spot in the main event. But it doesn’t just stop there, I mean R-Truth has even been pushed ahead of Punk here lately. Come on, R-Truth and Del Rio are getting title shots and not Punk? Seriously? No wonder he wants to leave.

  • venom


    I thought that way with Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle.

  • Stevie

    Guys I honestly think that if he doesn’t resign with the WWE he’s gonna take a break and not going anywhere else.

  • RCA

    Sounds very similar to the Kurt Angle situation a few years back, and we all know how that ended. This would be a good move for wrestling, CM Punk leaving that is. As many people above me said, it would have Punk the chance to do his own thing and not be bound by WWEs way of wrestling. Also, WWE would have to get serious about their talent since Punk leaving would leave a huge hole.

  • max

    Cm mark I agree with everything you said I to am a fan Of over 20 years, I too saw wwe in the late 80’s to this day I saw wcw before it hit huge to the point it went mainstream to the lat show and I do agree that the products out there are not what they used to be and some will never be what others used to be. What I dont understand is you shoot at Mexicans speaking as one. What is your problem against us?

  • ICE

    TNA could improve a lot by signing Punk and Paul Heyman as their booker fire taylor and russo use the sexual harassment suit as an excuse and get rid of them. TNA has been sucking for way too long we need more competition for ratings.

  • Bill

    WWE will HAVE to give him the WWE title, or he’ll leave. He deserved it since last year. I also think that he could use a face turn in a few years. I like Miz, but I don’t care if he loses to Punk. Punk is a fantastic competitor, & him leaving WWE is like taking mashed potatoes & stuffing from thanksgiving dinner(I know it’s a bad example, but you get the point)

  • CM Mark

    As you might suspect I have a lot to say on this topic. If Punk leaves the WWE, IMO, the ONLY REAL wrestling talent they have will have just walked out the door. Now that being said I am not really suprised that WWE wouldn’t care or wouldn’t treat him right. It’s the same reason that Sting will never come to the WWE and I watched WCW almost exclusively when I was growing up. The WWE doesn’t CARE about wrestling anymore, if they ever did.
    If you need some time off Punk, by all means, take it. I REALLY wish there was an alternate place for you to go with equal talent and equal backing, like WCW back in the day. Man what a great WHC you would have made in the 90’s. It’s too bad that WWE doesn’t care about wrestling anymore, IMO, they have almost destroyed it. TNA sucks most of the time and is NOT for a man the caliber of Punk. If the WWE lets this man get away from there permanently, they are letting their biggest star IMO walk away. But hey, as long as the mexicans are satisfied who cares what the rest of us think. Maybe they can do the entire show in spanish with Cole and Miz in every match. Now that’s ENTERTAINMENT!
    If Punk goes I go, wrestling will be dead to me.

  • JIR

    Why would Punk go to TNA he is Starightedge not a Junky like 3/4 of the TNA roster

  • Sam

    Who owns the right to the CM Punk name?

  • Quezito

    @ Davis – Dude have you seen IMpact! lately? They don’t wrestle anymore. The show is complete crap…Im not a big WWE fan but that the best place for punk. I agree take time off and come back later, he wont go to TNA, thats like MLB All-star demoting himself..

  • venom

    The last two wrestlers that didn’t resign because they were burned out was Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. Look were they ended up at. Hope Punk doesn’t make that same mistake.

  • jus sayin

    Come to TNA and wrestler the same old stale rerun storylines with people twice you’re age that WWE has fired, hell maybe you could do a storyline with this guy called jeff hardy, fake a eye injury, have him do the same thing in a tag match, have him quit and go to WWE and you come out the next night dressed as him mocking him leaving! ..oh wait did I miss something?

  • rob

    maybe if theyd stop putting him in factions and let him run solo he’d like it more. i seriously doubt he’d go to TNA, where all he’d do is job to Hogan and Angle, then re-run the cycle. If Punk left, he’d go ROH or Japan.

  • TomC

    PUNK TO TNA ???

  • Devil_Rising

    The fact is, he’s done all anyone could wish to do in WWE now, in just a few short years. Hell, he won two back to back MITB matches when that actually meant something. He was IC, Tag, and World champ all within one year. He’s a multi-time World Champ, and has been pretty much the top Heel (besides Miz, I guess), in WWE lately. He’s also likely made a nice chunk of change during his time with the company. He could probably walk away now, and not have any regrets.

  • Estaban

    Date: Apr 26, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    Even CM Punk knows WWE is pure shit. Good job Punk. Go to New Japan or ROH to do what you were born to do, wrestle.

    Wow don’t you just love thumber.

    IN CASE you haven’t realised But ROH is a feeder for both WWE & TNA & with TNA money troubles at the minute I doubt he’ll go their. New Japan!. HELLLLLLO THUMPER the country is in a state of emergency and Nothing getting done work wise. Also theat where all the oldies for one last big payday!….

    Jeez some1 need to think before they let their fingers go in the keyboard……

  • mark

    Cant see Punk going to TNA

  • Steve

    Punk/Hardy Part Deux in iMPACT Wrestling! Oh, wait, they’re still called TNA? Damn, I was thinking they may actually have had a chance to sign Punk.

  • Vincent

    Haha, I screwed up. I missed an article. I am very embarrassed. Apologies.

  • A


    It’s 4 articles below this one. Keep up, pal.

  • U ain’t awesome

    Go back 2 the minor leagues punk.

  • Hunter

    So he might leave, but might stay? Non story.

  • Damien Phoenix

    I honestly think he should take some time off. If you noticed his eyes a bit they look like he hasn’t been able to sleep for a long time and maybe his body is just burnt out. And from his position yea it sucks that it’s a Upper Mid-card thing he should be more of a Main Eventer.

  • Vincent

    “As noted before, there is talk that CM Punk is looking to leave WWE when his contract expires in a few months”

    Sorry, when? When has this been noted before? Your site has never noted this. You have just caught wind of the story and are using this phrasing to make it look like you’re upto date.


  • bloodstone

    never really understood all the hype when it comes to punk he good on the mic i ll give him that but he just like cena in the ring same 3 or 4 moves i myself don’t see him as any big loss wwe made it many years before he showed up im very sure they ll live on without him ok kiddies start with all the name calling

  • Derp

    This would be a big blow to WWE. I can’t blame him for being upset with his standing, dude jobs left and right. WWE needs to start booking a few of their heels stronger.

  • theviewtvshow

    he needs a break , he wont wrestle for any shit company 😀 just wwe suck on that fags

  • Snark Mark

    I could see him angling for a Jericho-esque deal. But WWE needs the high quality mic skills and in ring abilities of CM Punk. He knows it, they know it, now they are gonna have to pay him big $$$$

  • mark

    maybe he just wants some time off , he can always come back. WWE is a hectic schedule and people should realise this.

  • Thumper!

    Even CM Punk knows WWE is pure shit. Good job Punk. Go to New Japan or ROH to do what you were born to do, wrestle.

  • An Angry Fan ;(

    As long as he comes back to the WWE i guess its ok..

  • david said so

    dave he is the top heel since orton n edge were heels this would really suck

  • Dave

    Well, this would suck. He’s one of the top heels in the company.

  • david said so