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What Did CM Punk Do Today?, Chris Jericho on TBS Show, Final RAW Rating

– CM Punk was in the recording studio with Madball today to record guest vocals. Here are two photos:

Punk vocals 1

Punk vocals 2

– The final rating for Monday’s WWE RAW was a 2.98 rating, down from last week’s 3.09 rating. This is the first time RAW has went under 3.0 since the last show of 2013. The show did 4.075 million viewers, also down from the previous week.

– Chris Jericho will be appearing on IGN’s Up At Noon show on March 27th. He will also be on Howie Mandel’s “Deal With It” show on TBS tomorrow night at 10:30pm EST.

  • Timothy Davis

    I actually expect him to screw Bryan. Then that could be how they insert Vince in the storyline.

  • D2K

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all. This is the greatest troll-job ever trolled in WWE. Been saying that from the beginning. This is just like how they took a shoot situation with Austin walking out for real but wove it into the storyline with Bischoff for No Way Out 2003. Or how when HBK came down to the ring with those little trunks loaded with Gauss for his interview with J.R. and Vince fined him him thousands of dollars for it (I don’t remember if it was 10,000 or 25,000.) However out of that shoot situation came D-Generation X. Or even with the Montreal Screw Job. Out of that came “Mr. McMahon” as a heel character.

    So there is a history of taking real-life situations and building storylines out of it. CM Punk really was fed up. CM Punk really was physically and mentally tired. CM Punk really did want to walk away from awhile and get his head together. However there is no reason not to believe that Vince said well, let’s just play off of this then. You leave and get the rest that you need, while put a gag-order on the situation so no one can extrapolate anything in terms of it being a ‘work’ or a ‘shoot,’ Daniel Bryan gets his WWE World Heavyweight Title, and you get to have the second-biggest pop of the night coming in to help him win that title setting up an angle with Triple H in which you can get back to doing what you do best. Shooting and riding the kayfabe line to the hilt.

  • Shawn Bronald

    I wonder how many people are going to be shocked when he returns at Wrestlemania to screw Triple H out of the title match and help Daniel Bryan. It’ll certainly be a great way to get Bryan into the match without making Triple H look weak (God forbid!) and, of course, it’ll nicely set up a Career vs Career match between Punk and Triple H down the line (SummerSlam, perhaps?) that’ll easily write off Punk so he can take a break from WWE without fans freaking out.