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The Corre Member Teaming with Orton, Story on Hart & McIntyre, WWE Uprising

– It’s interesting that WWE has re-named Bragging Rights to Uprising because that is the name of a recent Dragon Gate USA pay-per-view and the name of a MMA pay-per-view from Australia last year that featured Ken Shamrock.

– As noted before, Bret Hart recently took up for Drew McIntyre on his Twitter and said that he thought Drew was being wasted on WWE Superstars. The story goes that one reason Hart is a fan of McIntyre is because at Hart’s last WWE match in Turkey where he teamed with Edge and Rey Mysterio to take on McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio, the three heels were arguing backstage because all of them wanted to lose to the Sharpshooter. Bret ended up winning the match for his team with the Sharpshooter on Del Rio.

– WWE will be going to South Africa in early July and will run two shows on the 9th and 10th in Johannesburg where The Corre member Justin Gabriel will be wrestling as a top babyface. Gabriel is from South Africa and his father was a wrestling promoter in the country. Gabriel will be teaming with Randy Orton to take on Christian and Sheamus.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    Justin is from Africa. Never knew that.

  • rob

    Gabrieal is only playing face because he’s native to this doesnt confirm anything about him.

    Although i am a gabriel fan and he does deserve some attention.

  • Mannul

    I mean that ISN’T any kind of confirmation.

  • Mannul

    Calm down,people. That is any kind of confirmation on a heel/face turn for anyone. Justing is from there so obviously he’s gonna get a big pop anyways,they always do stuff like that when they’re in their hometown or country. I agree Christian is a great heel,but nothing has been confirmed.

  • Matt

    when people are arguing because they all want to loose to you, you know that you are a great legend.

  • Bill

    Christian as a heel?? Yes!

  • Stephen

    Bret hart as a manager would be awsome

  • Steve

    So a Gabriel face turn and a Christian heel turn? Interesting. I guess it makes sense. High flyers are typically faces and Christian has always been better as a heel.

  • scooter

    personally I’d say fuck it bret give me the piledriver if i break my neck then I can die happy

  • JAck45

    One reason Hart is a fan of McIntyre, is because he chose Del rio? huh???

  • Joe

    Christian is a great face, but he’s an even better heel. Love this move!

  • Peeparooni Pizza

    Was about to say. That just about confirms it!

  • rko

    Hint Hint: Christian heel turn…