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Daivari Returns to WWE, WWE RAW and Tough Enough Ratings

– The dark match before tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Orlando saw former WWE star Daivari, as a heel, lose to Ted DiBiase, as a babyface. Daivari came out wearing his turban and cut a heel promo for the crowd.

– Last night’s episode of WWE Tough Enough did a 1.73 rating with 2,438,000 viewers. The replay later on did a 0.93 rating with 1,394,000 viewers.

– Last night’s RAW with The Rock’s birthday did a 3.45 rating with 5.2 million viewers. This week’s show did hours of 3.59 and 3.3.

  • Buttercastle

    Probably because they want to show how hard it is to become a WWE superstar, and everything the contestants need to do in order to win. Look at the differences between NXT and Tough Enough. Which one seems more realistic and more reliable in actually seeing what people go through to become WWE superstars? Plus one is actually interesting to watch where the other one is like a weird gameshow.

  • 2ratedrko2

    If WWE is PG, then why is Tough Enough not?

  • The Great One

    WWE is PG, not a fucking chance of hussan coming back

  • Gary

    i was thinking the same thing CC, i swore i heard that here

  • CC

    So once again sources have proven to be as reliable as a broken down car. Only a few weeks ago, sources told us he ad re-signed with TNA.

  • Bill

    @Devil_Rising, what you say is true, but it is pretty good to get some Persians in mainstream society. Many people only assume everyone in the Middle East is Arab, which isn’t true. Besides, 90% of Persians don’t even practice Islam. They aren’t very religious.(i.e. they don’t fast, & most Persian women outside of Iran don’t wear the scarves on their heads). Good to hear that Ted DiBiase finally made that face turn he was supposed to make a year ago. Looks like he’ll be getting his career back on track in no time!

  • wildeye

    i agree with Devil_Rising. think of the impact it will have on the kids as well. You hear about the kids killing each other with wrestling moves now it can show kids how to be racist to Muslims and Arabs. i am one to blame parents if the kids dont know between right and wrong but kids do follow the likes of Cena as well as some other superstars. saw it with Canada (bret) vs the USA ( a few American stars were involved in that)

  • Devil_Rising

    In all honesty, having a heel Arab/Persian character hating on America in this day and age is pretty wreckless, not to mention tasteless. There is so much anti-Arab, anti-Muslim sentiment in the US these days as it is, that it’s extreme silly and dangerous to do something like that. I mean people were BOOING the hell out of Hassan, for things that other heels would have gotten a fraction of the heat for. And it was because WWE made him go from being an asshole, to making direct terrorist references. The guy could have gotten shot by any number of crazy, redneck fans who don’t seem to realize that wrestling is made up.

    It’s fine to have a Persian guy come in and just be an arrogant asshole character. But embodying all these Muslim type things like Hassan did? No. It’s bad for Muslims, bad for Arabs, and bad for wrestling.

  • venom

    Hussan was great. That’s stupid that his character got him fired. I’m glad Daivari might get another shot with WWE. He was pretty good in TNA, during the few moments I watched that show.

  • Timmeh

    I can only hope that the WWE writers/McMahon are not dumb enough to try to tie him in with another Muslim story line at this point in time…

    but we all know we won’t be that lucky

  • Rob

    Bin Laden is gone! BRING BACK MUHAMMED HUSSAN!!!!! THROW $$$ AT HIM VINCE!!!