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Dana White Says Gives Lots Of Chances, But Is Disgusted With Nate Marquardt

UFC On Versus 4 held an unexpected appearance from UFC President Dana White during it’s live broadcast where White discussed the situation surrounding Nate Marquardt. Though White never actually explained what it was that caused Marquardt to fail his medicals and be forced out of the evenings main event, he didn’t hold back when voicing his frustrations with the middleweight title contender:

“I think it’s pretty clear to the fans and everyone else that I’m disgusted with Nate Marquardt. He’s been cut by the UFC and he won’t fight for the UFC again. Bottom line: What Nate Marquardt did is bad enough to be cut by the UFC…. He has no business fighting in the UFC…. This is one of those situations where, because of the laws in Pennsylvania, Nate Marquardt is going to have to man up and tell the world why he didn’t pass. And when he does, I think everyone will understand why he was cut from the UFC.”

To drive home the seriousness of Marquardt’s firing, White explained that he understands mistakes get made but you don’t cross the boss after being given a second chance in the past:

“I give a lot of guys chances, and a lot of guys make mistakes. Nate Marquardt is one of those guys. So for me to come out and say that Nate Marquardt isn’t going to fight in the UFC anymore, it’s got to be pretty serious.”

  • Gary

    lol, i do belive but just romours it was a failed drug test and it was for steriods

  • IchiroVader

    He slept with Dana White’s underage daughter.