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D’Angelo Dinero Says He’s Underused By TNA, Angelina Love Selling Her Pants

— “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero was informed on Twitter of an article labeling him as the most underused wrestler in TNA Wrestling. He responded, “Thanks again, but SERIOUSLY, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Pope is underused…… Or does it??”

Dinero’s status with the organization is currently in limbo as he has not appeared on television since the culmination of his several month feud with Devon at Genesis. He was asked when he will be returning to television.

“I’m sure Pope will return at some point this year….. Talk about a “Turning Point,” he says.

— Angelina Love is auctioning off a pair of pants she wore at numerous TNA Wrestling events throughout 2010 and 2011. She says she’s parting ways with the pants because they’re too big for her now.

— reports that Crimson and Tara will be appearing at Direct Auto Insurance 4473 South Semoran Blvd Orlando, Florida on Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

  • Good R-Truth

    Pope’s one of TNA’s Best superstars however last year he turned heel and face like it was going out of fashion. He now has no current storylines nor the airtime he deserves. Mr Anderson another guy who I’m a big fan of and why he’s not used as a main eventer is beyond me and RVD is hardly ever used also and his true talents aren’t exposed. TNA is a good promotion who has tons of potential however the higher up’s do no not have the foggiest on how to run and book a wrestling company. They seem to concentrate on the same guys every time I watch it, Roode, Storm, Angle, Hardy, Bubba, Bischoff Jr and the rest of the usual suspects. It’s a shame it really is.

  • Chris

    ^ Thats rich coming from a Randy Orton fan.

  • rko

    That’s because dinero sucks. People kept lying to him telling him he was special and he believed the hype.

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    Angelina love is selling her pants so chyna decided to sell her old jockstrap she wore during her DX days

  • Albert

    There too big for her now? :/ so she lost even more weight! omg soon she’ll just be skin and bones~

  • TS93

    Brings a literal meaning to getting into angelinas pants……

  • scooter

    2011 was actually a good year in wrestling
    wwe: punk broke through to become the top guy, sheamus stepped up, Bryan became a main eventer and we saw veterans like mark henry, r-truth and christian prove they can still go and were some of the best on tv.
    TNA: bobby roode and james storm obviously made an impact, Aj Styles seems like a main eventer again and bully ray has become one if the best performers in the company

  • Jason

    CC I never said TNA is not guilty of the same crime as WWE via lack of pushing certain talent. I just see it from WWE more overall. Although not as much this year to be fair.

  • scooter

    2010 and 2011 angelina was overly skinny can’t help but worry when shes lost weight

  • HR

    @CC I agree with you on the point you are trying to make, but like you said it is ultimately up to the wrestler to separate themselves from the other generic tough guys in the locker room. Anybody can go out and look like some kind of tough guys in the ring, but like you said it is ultimately up to the wrestler to separate themselves from the other generic tough guys in the industry. I really think this is a major problem for the industry as a whole rather than just a TNA or WWE problem. The talent have to take the initiative on their own.

  • CC

    And this is a perfect example of why I say TNA is no better than WWE when it comes to stuff like this (no matter what Jason says).
    When Burke was released from WWE and joined TNA as Pope, fans were all saying that he was underused in WWE, and TNA knows how to treat talent better.
    Fast forward a year or two, and he is back in the same boat.

    Honestly, maybe part of it is down to the wrestler themselves, but you have to say that it doesnt matter which company it is, they will always push the wrong guys and bury ones that should be pushed.

  • Cenaheelturnplz

    I think wwe could use these guys now especially on smackdown where they lack in faces

  • Snark Mark

    not used at all, yeah I’d say that is pretty underused. Guys TNA is just kinda sitting on: Anderson, RVD, Abyss, and Pope. I guess being apart of a makeshift tag team kinda disqualifies Magnus and Joe from the list. Knowing TNA’s history, they might just throw all these guys into a stable for no reason at all. Call ’em the Cast Outs or something.