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– Daniel Bryan recently spoke with The Baltimore Sun to promote Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Here are a few highlights:

His 18 second loss at WrestleMania 28:
“I actually thought the people might enjoy [the quick match]. It was something really different, [to start WrestleMania like that]. The whole situation is very unusual. I’m just happy that the people have gotten behind me. It’s really incredible.”

Sunday’s match against Sheamus:
“Hopefully this [match] doesn’t end in 36 seconds. I’m hoping that we can go out there and really steal the show. That’s what I was aiming for at Wrestlemania, but it didn’t actually happen, so hopefully it turns out this Sunday. Me and Sheamus are two of the hardest-hitting guys in WWE. And I don’t think there’s anybody that can put on a match like Sheamus and I can. So we’re gonna go out there and beat each other up, and I think people are really gonna enjoy it. The crowd in Chicago should be rabid as well, so it should be a really fun show.”

Brock Lesnar’s return:
“It will be interesting to see how Extreme Rules [performs] as far as pay-per-view buys to see if that part of it is really connected with the audience. I know the reactions in the live crowd when Brock Lesnar has been there, it’s been incredible. From a performer’s standpoint, I’m very, very interested to see where it goes. It’s peaked my interest.”

  • moo

    there is no way in hell he was really happy with that loss or thinking that people would actually enjoy that, unless his retarded or something. His just being a pussy company guy and acting like his ok with it.

  • rambo

    Like it or not, the 18 second loss at WM may have made a bigger impact on his career than winning the championship. The “Yes” chants wouldn’t have been as over, if at all, without it.

  • SYM


  • Pandar

    Gotta give credit to his tolerance, and optimism..

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