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Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon Talk to USA Today About Fans Chanting “Yes!”

– USA Today has a new article up about Daniel Bryan and the “Yes Movement” having an affect on mainstream sports.

Bryan talked about why fans might like his chants:

“People like to do it because it’s fun and it’s interactive. When you’re part of an arena, a whole arena with thousands upon thousands of people doing it, it’s very, very surreal. I don’t know what is going on in my world that this happened,” he added. “Now these basketball teams are doing something that I made popular. How this all happened is surreal.”

Stephanie McMahon also commented:

“Throughout WWE’s history our Superstars and their catchphrases have often become part of the pop-culture lexicon, and Daniel Bryan’s ‘Yes!’ chant is the latest example of this phenomenon. WWE is all about having fun, bringing people together and making them smile, and the Yes! Movement accomplishes all of this at WWE events and beyond.”

  • TheFizPop

    Think you misunderstood slightly, noway does Santino or the ole thing deserve the belt lol. And after seeing how they handled Punk as champ, that further backs up the belt is no thank you. Belts are just props since Trips had it 342343 times, it lost value and nowadays with UFC and MMA, where people actually win belts, it even further diminishes it.

  • God_has_spoken

    @ FizPop, very true, however the belt in today’s “era” isn’t viewed as a prop – it is viewed as a “thank-you” for all of you hard work . . . we are now going to reward you by recognizing that. I mean shit, Santino is over to some degree. So is that little bull with OLE, however that doesn’t mean they should be world champs. Times have changed son. Peace I’m Out.

  • TheFizPop

    Maybe now the idiotic fans who think Bryan is being buried or held back, will understand you have all been worked! They know giving him the belt won’t get him anymore over than he is, so why do it straight away, no doubt he will take it from Batista come ER, which is in Seattle i believe. Hopefully then people wont take this held back, buried crap so seriously this era. Belt means nothing now compared to when being ‘buried’ was harmful, now if you’re over, you’re over, you’re not? That prop wont hel any.