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Daniel Bryan Video from Comic Con, David Otunga Alters His Look, Kharma Update

– To hype Money in the Bank, WWE posted the following video of Daniel Bryan shopping for AJ Lee at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend:

– As noted before, David Otunga has begun filming WWE Studios’ The Hive in Hollywood. Otunga tweeted a photo from his trailer on set last night and he has shaved off his facial hair for the movie.

– There is still no official update on Kharma’s WWE status but she remains on their Alumni listings. She re-tweeted the following comment from a fan last night:

“I hope @Kharma only stays in the ‪#WWEAluimi‬ until she returns and beats the crap out of barbie doll divas”

  • Stockton Joe

    I really REALLY hope Kharma comes back for good on either the 1000th RAW or the next PPV. I just don’t think WWE is that smart. When it comes to WWE doing the smart thing, ALWAYS bet on stupid.

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    I still say this is a work!

  • Danny

    dont have karma return yet… it will just kill the current storyline with aj and i would much rather see her pushed than karma… i doubt wwe would focuses on both of them because wwe never focuses on more than one diva at a time -__-..

  • SYM

    @Shawn wasn’t it u that said Jeff Hardy was the man behind the “It Begins” promos?

  • Shawn

    For the last time…. WWE did NOT release Kharma, nor did she ask to leave the company. She will re-debut on the 1,000th episode of Raw. This is all a swerve. Don’t any of you watch wrestling anymore????