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— WWE Superstar David Otunga poked fun at the consistently flat ratings for TNA’s Impact Wrestling.

He wrote on Twitter, “If imitation is the highest form of flattery, I’m flatter than Impact’s ratings right now. #OtungaLaw.”

This is apparently in response to a lawyer character for Bobby Roode appearing on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling.

— Both Epico and Jack Swagger turn 30 years old on Saturday. Former WWE Superstar Barry Horowitz also turns 52.

— Maria Kanellis and Demolition will appear at Royal Collectibles 96-01 Metropolitan Ave. Forest Hills, New York on Saturday, May 5 from noon to 2:00 p.m. Call 718-793-0542 for more information.

— WWE’s Once in a Lifetime: The Rock vs. John Cena airs in the United Kingdom on Sunday at Noon on Sky Sports.

  • sam

    I watch TNA sometimes when nothing else is on and i’m telling you(@jason) from a guy that HAS watched it more than once the storylines are shit and boring plus the adverts about the next upcoming PPV are way too over dramatic, that’s my opinion anyway

  • Jason

    Just for you Rabid, WWE Raw has been on for 19 years now. For the first two years WWE Raw only drew 2.5 million viewers on avg. WCW Nitro from 1995 to 1997 drew an avg of 4.2 million viewers. (NWO spiked the ratings)

    To compare the brands. WWE was around a good 40 years before Raw was ever a thought. Going back to the WWWF days. (Not WWF but WWWF)

    WCW before Nitro had over 80 years of a company history via with the NWA.

    TNA never had these things and for them to be where they are now is a great feat imo.

  • Jason

    Thank you Rabid, I would like to add that the TV market is way dif now then what it was 10 or 15 years ago. More ways to watch TV programs then just watching on TV.

    For the people that understand the tv market and how it really works will tell you that last year it was reported via bythenumbers that 33% of the people that watch things produced on TV watch it via streaming of some kind. 35% watch it on some kind of DVR device. That is 68% of the TV fanbase that watches TV programs either on a computer or at a later date via DVR. If this was 10 years ago TNA would be pulling in four million viewers a week while Raw would be doing 6 to 7 million viewers a week.

    People really should study up on the TV market before talking

  • rabid

    I want to pull the numbers from when raw first was on the air. WWE didnt get 5 mill viewers out the gate. They’ve been on for over 10 years. I mean come on every year TNA grows and so does the ratings albiet slow they do. If they could get better advertising that would help but they are not growing too fast and their taking their time.

  • Jason

    Venom why does it suck? I’m asking because if one is to have an informed opinion they must watch the product.

    I don’t believe you watch the product but I do know that with DVR count just over 3 million do watch TNA every week. Whereas on avg with DVR just about 5 million watch WWE Raw and 3.5 million watch WWE smackdown. So based on just wrestling figures that measure of yours is hardly the term most people think TNA sucks so they don’t watch it. TNA Impact almost has the same viewership as WWE smackdown and is only about 2 million off from Raw altogether.

    Study up on the TV market and then come back FBI man. Lol

  • Jason

    At the moment TNA’s storylines and character build make more sense overall then what WWE’s do at the moment. The build for Roode has been great. His heel turn made sense and the build for a Storm vs. Roode match at Lockdown has been great. If you watched the product you would know that.

    I swear most of you I bet don’t even watch TNA but just base your thoughts on the product on what the promotion used to do and not what they do today.

  • Straight-edge

    plus thinking tna mocking him????? cause in wwe that who they want to mock is someone who cant get anywhere on his own. beside whats up with his entrance if i was how come we dont here Chris masters tweeting bout otunga mocking him

  • Straight-edge

    Who is otunga to make fun of anything to do with wrestling. id rather watch any tna wrestler over wwe superstar otunga. only thing makes his air time worth watching in wwe is that he is in a story line that involves teddy long

  • devontet

    @Jason I think most people would rather work in front of large audiences wether its 90% kids and PG or not. Wrestling is wrestling in my book. Like both TNA n WWE. But again rather work for the pg one where there’s money, and at least some story lines make sense and the world champ doesn’t always turn heel or where most the roster have heel/face turns every week. Just saying. My opinion I guess

  • Jason

    Have fun in the PG market working in front of 90% kids that will always disrespect you until you turn face. You only wish you could work for a real wrestling promotion and not a kiddy wish I was a hollywood film company known as WWE.

  • Legend Killer

    I really didn’t care for Otunga when he was with the nexus but i do like his character now.

  • rabid

    I wonder if mr hudson realizes just how close he mightve been to tna if this little gimmick with mr laringitis *sp* wouldnt have worked out…

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I hope Demolition make HoF next year.

  • dashing1

    I’m def not sticking up for TNA but this is coming from mr. ratings David Otunga lol


    TNA is shit..:D like David sooo much better now

  • http://www.wrestlingedge American Dragon

    Whats he gonna do to them take “legal action?”

  • http://www.wrestlingedge American Dragon

    What’s he gonna do to them “tale legal action?”

  • JazzK

    Your a silly mark go buy some Cena merchandise

  • sean

    Yea its almost as flat as his character

  • heyfit

    David A List Otunga should be US champion. Not Santino, he’s not even american.

  • dave

    tna IS wrestlemania!

  • CM Mark

    Who’s David Otunga again? ROFL…

  • bloodstone

    Otunga should of been given the boot long time ago

  • Emerson

    He means he isn’t flattered by them “imitating” him.

  • Malice

    Let’s just file that as a Twitter botch.

  • poko

    This guy is a lawyer? No matter how many times I reread that, it makes zero sense. He’s calling himself flat?

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