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David Otunga Talks About His Recent and Past Victories in Court

WWE’s website is featuring an article on David Otunga’s recent victory in court. Otunga talks more about his legal past in the following excerpts:

“I actually worked as a full time trial lawyer in Boston while in my third year at Harvard Law School. Most people couldn’t have handled trying to graduate from the most prestigious law school in the world while trying cases full time, but I’m obviously not most people.’

“I don’t have time for a full caseload because I’m a globally recognizable WWE Superstar and Official Legal Counsel to Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim Raw General Manager, Mr. John Laurinaitis. But I like to stay sharp.”

“I’ve tried twenty cases and I’ve won them all. I have a perfect record. What else would you expect from someone like me?”

  • jake

    He reminds me of Frasier Crane…except not funny

  • Jon

    Otunga really is one smart bastard. He’s got the “it” factor, but idk about the in-ring ability. He needs some time to improve.

  • Maltese

    @Albert did I studder?

  • JIR

    It would not be a surprise he has the whole over-educated prick role down just needs to show some more skill in the ring I can see him with the US tittle by summers end

  • chuck

    were the people innocent???

  • Albert

    ^ are you kidding me?

  • Maltese

    I like Otunga’s look and attitude, it wouldn’t surprise me if he wins singles gold this year.