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- WWE posted the following video of The Rock arriving for tonight’s pay-per-view:

- David Otunga spoke with CarrollCountyTimes.com to promote WrestleMania 28 and said nobody in WWE is like him:

“Quite frankly, I don’t think there is anybody like me. I don’t think there’s anybody like me in WWE or in the world for that matter. I’m just so unique. Nobody has the combination of brains, brawn and good looks that I do. I think I’m the ultimate superstar. It sounds like bragging, but I’m really just being honest.”

  • Little Jimmy

    He’s impressed me since his boring tag team With McGillicutty to his present ” Coffee sipping sap” gimmick. He’s build like an athlete I wouldn’t mind seing him as US champion. For now that’s the best route for him, I think he’s a guy who could be involved in a potential feud with” My Boy ” Funkasaurus.

  • Bill

    Otunga kind of makes a point. I mean, most big guys are idiots, whereas Otunga went to Harvard. No offense, but I don’t consider Bobby Lashley, Batista, & The Ultimate Warrior to be amongst the geniuses in pro-wrestling history, do you?

  • Deva

    I like otunga.. I find it funny how he is drinking coffee all the time and crack up when he poses.. but the guy graduated harvard and decided to wrestle, the guy is smart. If he works on his wrestling skills a bit more, get rid of those white boots, he can be a serious contender, he got mad potential

  • Jeff

    I thought the title said Nobody likes Otunga….That’s closer to the truth

  • bloodstone

    Otunga needs to go away then there won’t be anybody like him in the wwe is guy sucks

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