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Del Rio Reportedly Suffers Serious Concussion, PPV Contingency Plans Being Made

A WWE source told sports blog Corey Unfiltered ( Friday that Alberto Del Rio suffered a “serious concussion” at last Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Columbia, South Carolina. During a skirmish, Sheamus slammed Del Rio’s head against the metal WWE logo, leading to his concussion. Kane replaced Del Rio as Sheamus’ Steel Cage Match opponent in the post-taping bout and at Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Salisbury, Maryland.

Del Rio’s injury puts his World Heavyweight Championship Match against Sheamus at No Way Out on June 17 in jeopardy since WWE officials believe he will not receive medical clearance in time for the pay-per-view event. Contingency plans are being discussed in case Del Rio is unable to compete, including removing Kane from the WWE Championship Match against CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Other plans broached include a Battle Royal or a Beat the Clock Challenge to take place at this Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Manchester, New Hampshire

Meanwhile, WWE heads Vince McMahon and Triple H are becoming increasingly worried that Del Rio cannot be relied on due to injury concerns. He is being compared to former WWE star Mr. Kennedy (now known as Mr. Anderson in TNA Wrestling), whose reputation for being injury prone partially led to his release from the organization in 2009.

  • Vic

    My god ant you really are an idiot. HE WAS THROWN INTO A BIG ASS STEEL WWE LOGO!!! How the fuck does that make him injury prone?

  • jeff

    Anyone who gets there head knocked around can be injured

  • kitkrock

    stupid white prick sheamus.

  • ant

    i gurantee if that was dolph ziggler he would have hit the wwe logo and sold it and wouldnt have had a concussion

  • ant

    jimbo yeah i couldve sworn wrestlers used to get smacked in the head with chairs all the freakin time and managed not to get concussions so if del rio is an idiot and dosent know how to put his hands up like your SUPPOSED TO whos really the moron here and plus i watched the footage that shit wasnt even that hard

  • Mr. XYZ

    He is very much like Mr. Kennedy. All hype and nothing else.

  • Dan

    Don’t see how a concussion can be classed as injury prone, yes he’s had his other injuries but a concussion is hardly due to his body playing up. And surely Mysterio and Orton are more injury prone than Del Rio, didn’t Orton put his shoulder out hitting the mat to taunt before an RKO?

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    If Del Rio can’t go, I hope it’s Ziggler if not Jericho (pretty sure a suspended wrestler can work a PPV).

  • SYM

    WWE’s Falling. If they pull Del Rio then that PPV will bomb. I’m not saying this as a Fan of Del Rio but because they’ve already Set Up the Rivalry perfectly. It would be Wrong for them to just replace Del Rio with another Heel because of a Small Concussion. They are already missing 3 other Main Event talents in Jericho, Mysterio, & Orton if they lose Del Rio they won’t have much support for the SmackaDown Roster.

  • Sam Peters

    I would love to have Dolph face Sheamus and i reckon he will but they wont annouce is straight off

    i can see them doing a battle royal to see who faces him

    Ziggler, Swagger, Ryder, Santino, Kofi, Mason Ryan, Otunga, McIntyre, Kidd

    Last 3 i would have would be Ziggler, Swagger and Kidd….while Swagger is trying to eliminate Kidd i can see Ziggler coming up behind and throwing Swagger over to take him and Kidd to the floor, then Sheamus will come out and Brouge Kick Ziggler like he seems to with everyone

  • Bill

    #HEEL for World Champ!

  • Sammo

    The replacement title match should be Sheamus v Rico Rodriguez!

  • Jimbo

    Yeah, get your head slammed into some steel and see how injury prone you are, stupid fucking moron.

  • ant

    ummm i could have sworn Del Rio did the same to Sheamus on RAW and i think he even stomped on Sheamus’s head if u looked at the footage and yet Sheamus recovered okay and plus correct me if im wrong but didnt Del Rio have a match with The Great Khali after supposedly suffering a concussion hmmm seems sketchy to me and YES Del Rio IS injury prone anybody with 2 eyes can see that

  • Stevie P

    ^I don’t think you can call him injury prone when it was Sheamus throwing him into a WWE sign. It’s different if he has serious knee problems or things like that.

  • ant

    man del rio is completely overrated and injury prone in my book and even tho i like his gimmick i just cant see him as a major player in the wwe but on another note i say have it be Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out