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DeMott Says Big Things Coming from Saturn, More from Rhodes

– WWE’s website has more photos of Cody Rhodes in Cairo, Egypt. Cody is over there doing promotional work for the tour next month. Cody was greeted by a large crowd of fans upon arriving in Cairo. Cody tweeted last night and thanked people who helped put the promotional tour together. Cody thanked them for helping with “something that became much bigger than promotion.”

– We’ve noted before how Perry Saturn has spent some time this year working with the WWE developmental students in Tampa. NXT head trainer Bill DeMott was asked on Twitter if he thinks we will ever see Saturn back on RAW. DeMott replied:

“Who knows when any of us are getting back in front of a Raw crowd, but Perry is far from being done offering his experience. Perry is just scratching the surface, big things coming from Perry #imabeliever”

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I remember Saturn always being good, but was recently watching the ECW Barely Legal ’97 DVD, their first ever PPV. And The Eliminators beat The Dudleys for the ECW tag titles. And like I said, I remember Saturn being good, but when I watched that match, I was like, “Holy shit. I forgot how fucking good Saturn really was!” The Eliminators were a hell of a team. Saturn was worth a hell of a lot more than just “What are you looking at?” in The Flock, and Moppy in WWE.

  • paul s

    Saturn’s off the drugs hell be phenominal

  • Logan

    …..You’re welcome……