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Possible Destination X Match, Bound for Glory Competitors

– The competitors for the Bound for Glory series are:

AJ Styles
Bully Ray
Christopher Daniels
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Pope D’Angelo Dinero
Rob Van Dam
Robbie E
Samoa Joe
The 12th competitor will either be Bobby Roode or Mr. Anderson

– Austin Aries will have one week to decide whether he will forfeit the X-Division title in order to challenge Bobby Roode for the TNA title at Destination X.

  • scooter

    I Don’t doubt they’ve got the talent I just don’t see why you would push someone who’s happy to go through the motions and collect a paycheck than someone who’ll go out and give you their all

  • ant

    @scooter what in the hell does motivation have to do with tna creative team keeping 2 of there best talent down? eveyone knows both can still go out there and perform and joe in particular i would like to see get a bigger push and more respect than hes currently getting cuz the guy can wrestle his ass off then again i expect both men to be involved in destination x so lets see what happens

  • scooter

    @Ant Two guys who haven’t been motivated since 2010

  • ant

    i personally wouldnt mind seeing Rob Van Dam vs Samoa Joe or Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy headline BFG this year for the TNA World Title

  • ant

    @Eves Left Nipple no they even said they wanted to have it be Roode vs Storm for the world title at BFG which means that Roode will hold the title until October and also means that this whole BFG series is a complete waste of time honestly i mean im not saying i wont watch but i wish out of all the competitors Samoa Joe or RVD could headline BFG this year

  • Eve’s left nipple

    @Ant to book good matches and he its not a given he will win, Seems likely though.

  • scooter

    Card will probably look like this:
    Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries
    Angle/Styles vs Kaz/Daniels ultimate X (this is happening eventually if not at destination X it’ll happen at BFG)
    Chris Sabin vs Doug Williams vs Zema Ion vs Mark Haskins for the x-division title.

  • ant

    u know what pisses me off tho like we all know that james storm is gonna win it in the end and go on to face roode at bfg so why are they wasting our time with this series if we already know the outcome they plan on going with

  • Will

    Can you guys fuckin file articles under the right section already?

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Pope, Magnus, and Robbie E all made it over Crimson. Hmm,I wonder if they’re giving up on him. All he had was a meaningless winning streak. Anybody know when Morgan’s contract is up? It looks like he’s on his way out and WWE bound.

  • xXx

    wwe section, middleton.. wwe section