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- The reason WWE played R-Truth’s video package on RAW yesterday was because the company are aware that his new song is not nearly as over like his original, and they want to change that by trying to teach people the lyrics so they will sing along to it.

- Although it was implied on RAW last night, the plan as of today was for Tyson Kidd not to turn heel.

- Last night may have not been the last of Daniel Bryan “The Ladies Man.”

Source – F4WOnline.com

  • CC

    Whats up = annoying shyte.
    Crunk = boring shyte.
    R-Truth = cant sing/rap to save his life.

    Just give him a James A Johnston theme tune already.

  • Kris

    bryan and kaval teaming up in the future hella tag team

  • mordecai

    Yeah, it would be really funny if R-Truth used his “Get Rowdy” theme but whoops WWE is PG….

    Why not make Danielson the “American Dragon” instead of the “Ladies Man”? Sounds like they’re going to try to bury him like they’re doing Kaval on Smackdown…

  • Logan

    Damn some actually remembers K-Kwik holy crap wrestling has changed since then.

  • Matt

    Everyone’s arguing over R-Truth’s theme but no one else has a problem with an all-star talent like Bryan Danielson possibly being stuck with a “ladies man” gimmick

  • Evil Doink

    I may be way out of the loop here, but isn’t the term “crunk” being used like 5 to 8 years too late? The song has a nice riff, but the words seem lame and Eve dances like a cheerleader.

  • Ron

    idk, i personally like the newer one better then the older one…

  • In Grind We Crust

    it’s way shit by comparrison. The way Eve “dances” to it makes me want to blow my brains out. Atleast Truth seems to like it.

  • kill cena haters

    haters everywhere i go !!!!

  • Joe Piscapo

    Let’s face it, “What’s Up” is way better than his new song. Hell, even his K-Kwik theme is better lol.

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