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More Details on Hulk Hogan Having Backstage Heat In TNA, Can Hogan Wrestle a Singles Match?

– We noted before how Hulk Hogan has heat within TNA for booking outside licensing deals such as the deal with 2K Sports to appear in WWE 2K14. Hogan also has heat for booking major non-TNA media appearances such as the arm wrestling match against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford that got Hogan himself a ton of media exposure internationally.

There is a lot of talk within TNA about whether or not Hogan is worth the money that TNA is paying him as the company continues to re-structure and cut costs. There is also a lot of talk about what Hogan’s role with the company will be going forward.

As far as doing another match goes, Hogan has given the impression that he might be able to do a tag team match but a singles match is out of the question.

Source: PWInsider

  • ddfindl

    I tend to agree

  • D2K

    Hogan knows his run in TNA is about done. He’s trying to make a slick transition to get back in WWE.

  • rabid

    Bringing in Anderson was a good idea.. honestly I can say to a point the name power hogan brought in with flair after their tour as great but I can’t see why they needed bischoff.. the production value seems to be the same the way jarrett handle things was perfect bring in credible names not to overshadow but help the home grown stars be better

  • Jared

    I thought he would do some justice, but had my doubts in 09 when he signed on. He pushed for some changes which were positive, but none of what he is doing is great. They shouldn’t resign him, and they should put Jeff Jarrett back in charge. I know it’s a gimmick, but the six-sided ring has market value, and TNA is the only American promotion to do that. I would keep Eric Bischoff because he is a master in production, but keep him out of creative process. Nonetheless, Hogan has got to go now.

  • ddfindl

    Once they cut their losses and (hopefully) get rid of Hogan and his crew, they’re going to be right back where they started prior to them showing up. Don’t get me wrong, they acquired a couple of good guys along the way, I’m just talking about management and the direction of the brand as a whole. They should probably stop trying to make a mad grab at guys being released from the WWE if money is that tight and focus on up-and-comers. I understand the need for star power, but I would rather see raw talent I haven’t seen on television before than people being brought in that are in their 40’s and 50’s draining TNA’s budget.