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More Details On Matt Hardy’s Suspension, Knockout Launches Website

— reported yesterday that TNA Wrestling officials suspended Matt Hardy due to continuously arriving late to live events. adds that his suspension was also due to the video he posted online of himself urging Jeff Hardy to stun Reby Sky (Matt’s girlfriend) with a taser, “among other reasons.”

Hardy was left off last week’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Florida due to the aforementioned reasons.

Matt Hardy tweeted the following statement in response to the online reports: “Just checked out the headlines on the ‘net.. They make me smile 🙂 Everything’s cool in life-luv it! It’s 95 out but I’m not sweating ;)”

— TNA Knockout Tara has launched an official website at

— Rob Van Dam is advertised to appear at the Los Angeles Comic Con, which takes place September 24-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

  • bammasharon

    It is sad that the Hardy brothers, who were so looked up to have suddenly disappointed all the kids, my son included by all the negative press/ and actions. I would love to be able to tell my son, they have straightened up and will go back to being the way things were before all the nonsense started. It’s sad guys, Matt met my son when they were in town and he seemed like a decent guy….

  • venom

    Okay, so instead of calling him Fatt Hardy. We’ll call him the Grape Man.

  • ##

    I haven’t even thought of Matt and Jeff Hardy until I saw their names!TNA should fire the both of them and replace them with Austin Aires or some other fresh face.

  • Hunter

    He is more fhucked up than his brother.

  • Justin

    Hardys have become self-indulgent immature hicks. This is what happens when you train your body all your life instead of your mind. They started so early, those two, debuting as early as 1993/94–their mid-to-late teens–and I think they just don’t know any better.

  • sammy

    T O O L – not sweating? lol – lard azz

  • Valo487

    Ok, if we can’t use fat for Matt Hardy anymore (although he’s still far from optimal shape) how about we make fun of him for being his own biggest cheerleader? He sure seems to be in love with himself for someone who hasn’t accomplished anything of note in the last couple years.

  • Logan

    Stun your girl with a taser? V1 chill out a bit dude, you’re starting to scare me.

  • Rucdogg

    Stunning her with a taser was dumb, but really people, the guy isnt even close to being fat anymore, you need a new put down for matt hardy cuz ya just sound dumb.

  • CC

    Considering that TNA did the stupid bump with Daphney that they knew would not get aired due to Spikes rule than man on woman violence isnt tolerated, its a bit hypocritical of them to suspend him for doing something just as stupid.
    This would lead me to believe that its Spike pushed for the suspension, which makes more sense seeing as TNA usually lets their talent get away with anything.

  • ML

    Are they trying to be another Jackass rip off show with pointless stunts?

  • shawn

    stun her with a taser? hmm. was she wet? uh, never mind.

  • venom

    Matt Hardy is stupid. Why would you want your brother to stun your girlfriend? That is advertising women abuse. I bet everybody was high in the video. Becareful Matt, fat people pass out fast in 95 degree weather. I’m sure all of those grapes will cool him down.