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Details On The Miz’s Backstage Heat, Ultimate Warrior Appearing At Indy Show

— The Miz has as much heat as anyone in WWE, but it has little to do with him not catching R-Truth during the Six-Pack Challenge on last week’s Raw SuperShow. Rather, the animosity is being attributed to his obnoxious behavior as many of his co-workers are turned off by it.

“The feeling is he’s like a little frat boy who is loud and has to be the center of attention,” the Wrestling Observer says.

As reported last week, it is widely believed within WWE that his work has regressed, both in the squared circle and verbally. When he was low on the totem pole, he appeared motivated and forced management to make him a headliner. He is now back to mid-card status and isn’t giving WWE much reason to elevate him again.

— Ultimate Warrior has been announced to appear for Northeast Wrestling on March 23, 2012 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. He will sign autographs, cut a promo and it’s being teased that he will do something physical.

The show will also feature John Hennigan vs. Dave Finlay and the first-ever match between Melina and Velvet Sky. Matt Hardy, Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lawler are scheduled to appear as well.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • shawn

    so what about his attitude? so he decides to socialize the way he friggin wants, and then they realize his supposed shoddy work. hes not that bad. i hate it when an acceptable worker gets shit on because of the way he looks or sounds. the people who put heat on him are negative as anyone can be.

  • Matt

    anyone else think that maybe being practically shat on during the back end of his reign as champion and subsequent return to mid card is the reason he prolly doesn’t give much of a shit right now?

    and lets not forget Orton was worse than him backstage and was getting the same heat and grew out of it…

  • Devil_Rising

    When it says “he’ll probably do something physical” it probably means that he’ll wow the fans by throttling some old lady in the audience for not voting Tea Party.

  • Ironcross

    Jealous , thats all there is to it, regardless of what little jimmies say

  • joe

    I don’t see how his promo work is done. His promos have not gotten better or worse. His in ring work hasn’t either. I call bs on this story. I bet its one or 2 people with heat against him

  • drew

    I think the Miz was really good when he was the U.S. champion. The stories of his strive to keep his job in WWE. But now he is just lazy…its sad really. Two years ago he was really good, heck you could see him turn as a face. But its a shame his drive was only show much.

  • Jason

    Talk about one hell of a costly wrestling card. I hope the promotion had tons of sponsors.

  • venom

    I hope I answered your question.

  • venom

    I hope Ulimate Warrior doesn’t blow out his knees.


    Do you know what people mean whebn they say JoMo is the Janetty???? Miz can have backstage heat put he is still a former WWE champion. Where is Morrison? I hope I canswered your question.

  • LSC

    And they called JoMo the Janetty of the group…

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I’m glad to hear this. Miz has always been a major league douche. From Real World till now, just an annoying ass. And he’s always sucked in the ring and his promos blow too. He’s a poor man’s Jericho. Nothing original about him, steals moves, steals gimmicks… no identity of his own other than WWE’s resident jackass. But then again, they already have Michael Cole (who was a faggy douche LONG before he went heel). Miz doesn’t even deserve to be in the WWE, and NEVER should have won the title. But that match on RAW with Punk was god awful, and it’s not Punk’s fault. Miz was pulling a Carlito; i.e., everyone’s mad at me and I’m not getting a push, so why should I even bother to bust my ass anymore. Fucking crybaby.

  • Effmenow

    Someone please start a *little frat boy* chant at Elimination Chamber!

  • 3117

    anyone will believe what anyone puts out. no one know the miz personally and are backstage so how can there be name calling and passing of judgment. lets call a spade a spade, the miz has the same heat as did morrison. their heat all came from their girlfriends and the. leaving the company wanting more to do outside of the company. WWE, doesnt want its talent to rise outside of them but only through them

  • little jimmy

    least he gets to bone maryse

  • bloodstone

    i called this a few months back miz is a asshole and will always be one

  • Jeff Miles

    Ultimate Warrior=Complete douche

    And that’s the simple bottom line

  • moo

    Miz is very annoying, and his title reign was embarrassing, we need JBL to come back and bully him again.

  • Bill

    Makes sense to me. Miz’s match with Punk on Raw was like his work from 2006! I’d send him to Smackdown.