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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- The angle concerning lockerroom resentment for John Cena, as highlighted in promos from Jesse Ventura and Carlito, has some footing in reality. While the ill will was obviously exaggerated for storyline, a number of wrestlers do reportedly resent Cena’s standing with management, a feeling that is attributed to either envy of his cushy position or disgust for his “company man” attitude, depending on who is asked. Sources say his public airing of grievances with The Rock, regardless of the fact that he was likely reading company-fed lines, did not help his standing with “the boys.”


    Some say he’s coming after my WM win streak, no way in hell, and I’d like to take him for his belt at WM“““

  • taylor

    he is just doing his job people.

  • Stephanie

    What does this mean?? Sources say his public airing of grievances with The Rock, regardless of the fact that he was likely reading company-fed lines, did not help his standing with “the boys” and I hope the Rock comes back to wrestling that would be nice

  • Rob

    I actually like the way this is going, im so f*****g sick of him being in every title picture & being vinces little lapdog. People rip on HHH for being a 13 time champion but since his DX thing he’s not been champion, yet for the last haf of this year its been Orton/Cena trading the belt & its boring!

  • Mannul

    Cena is even an ***hole in real life. When I was younger and actually kind of liked him,I met him and got a picture with him. He acted like a jack*** with me and others around me. He thinks he’s tough ****.

  • Spy

    I think it’s jealousy. Randy Orton once said there’s always jealousy in wrestling

  • Shawn (wrestling freak)

    Cena can have boring matches but I say he has good matches too. Cena cares about what he’s doing and truly is passionate about the company. I’m not going to lie he is my favorite wrestler but I believe that older wrestling fans don’t like him because he is like Hulk Hogan but younger fans love him because he loves them. And in the future he will become much more liked as he is a living legend.

  • Allen Michael

    I enjoy Cena at times. He puts on awesome backstage interviews. He can be very intertaining at times, and then dull at other times. I agree with you who say let some of the new talent become world champions. Also, can we get some decent story lines on RAW? PLEASE!

  • speedy23

    i loved the rap gimmick. it was freaking hilarious. too bad the pg rating won’t ever allow anything like that again.

  • james

    he wont go heel he dose to much for the company and hes the biggest fun rasier for little kids who are dying and look up to him so just chilll peeps and honestly theres no good superstars in the wwe right now to pass the title too orton sucks keep dx togater get rid of jerashow make legacy split theres to many tag teams these days thats becuse they dont have any good single wrestlers.

  • Jordan

    Cena been champ but not more like Orton was we seen orton champ more longer then Cena was this yr

  • Allen

    I say Cena’s best character was when he was the US champ and introduced his spinner belt, I liked him then because he could wrestle, his promos where much better, and he wasn’t the dry, wore out character that he is now. I find it funny how they quitely dropped his whole rapper gimmick with him making CD’s and rapping on Raw, and slowly turned him into supercena. But thats mainly because of the marine movie.
    And actually he played a good Heel too because I remember I could not stand Cena at all when he would come out and rap about stuff, It sounded like he was just reciting poetry. But he made me hate him, which makes him a good Heel.

  • Wrestling GOD

    John Cena is every wrestling promoters wet dream seriously just because he is the company man he’s getting heat from the guys? isn’t it a good thing that he’s a coompany man?? well that obviously just means they are jealous of his spot

  • John

    I agree with you people. I’ve met John Cena and have seen him and how he interacts with fans before the wrestling shows, he truly is an outstanding and caring person who busts his ass and has a tremendous passion and dedication for what he does. But his character, I’m just sick of it.

  • Vinny

    Why do people have such a problem with others determination? Is it because they are scared to take risks?

    Being a ‘company man’ means that you have determination, desire, and the will to be the best. Being a company man means you actually care about the work you do.

    i like Cena….good for him in whatever he does.

  • rko

    Look i’m sure cena is a nice guy and all, but his character and everything about him is boring and a replica of hulkamania. Wrestlers could get away with the “superman” act in the 80′s and early 90′s, but now more fans are smarks and know better. His character has gotten old fast. I’m sure if he turned heel or changed something, more fans would enjoy his presence on the tube. Personally, I hope the writers put Sheamus over Cena. It would be something new and refreshing. Sheamus looks like he has tools to become the next brock lesner without the amateur wrestling skills.

  • Nick

    I must say that I’m surprised to see people saying they don’t hate him 100%, just the character. I agree though. I met him at an autograph signing just before we won his first WWE title (against JBL). He was very nice to me, and seemed to be nicer to everyone than he really needed to be. So it’s hard to hate him wholeheartedly. I’ve always thought he was the wrestler I’d rather hang out with tan watch wrestle.

  • guy

    turn Cena heel and everything will get a lot fresher in WWE land.

  • The Chainzter

    As Dann said, i also hate john Cena´s Character, cause i have all the respect for da guy. He is a hard working guy that does everything hes told to do, other wise his character wouldnt have gotten so boring. B4 beeing wwe champ he was great, fun and funny. Now hes matches suck, hes boring and the promos r way too corporate. Unfortunately for all the haters, he draws big bucks for the company, so i gues hes earned the position hes in.

  • Mike

    ummm its time for sum1 other than cena orton hhh hbk to step up, i like what they doing with kofi….
    and yeah i dont like cena, he was better as a heel

  • Trevor

    I say turn him heel!!!!Make him turn on the WWE for making him look like a tool every monday night. SOrt of like the NWO used to do to the WCW.
    I say then turn Orton face. He is a face that the company can really get behind. His actions have improved over the last couple of years. He doesnt shi* in divas luggage anymore so he has my vote!!!! :)

  • Jon

    As long as Cena doesn’t go sleeping with cocktail waitresses, I’ll be happy.

  • Dann

    I really hate John Cena.
    But, I must admit, it is the John Cena character that I hate so much.
    I give the man props for being such a “company man” and doing all that is asked of him and more.
    He has a hell of a work ethic and he would do damn near ANYthing for Vince and Company.

    But his character is just so…boring and dumb.

    Anytime he ends up with the belt again, I just wanna pull my hair out!

    C’mon WWE, it’s time. It’s time to move on and run with someone else for awhile.

  • RPM

    I find his matches boring but he cuts some of the best promos in my opinion and If he is towing the line then the locker room shouldn’t be jealous they should be trying to follow suit.
    It wouldn’t hurt to give someone else a real title run though.

  • silver_kyle

    The man does his job and makes money for his company. Yeah, wrestlers should hate him.

  • Toby

    I’m tired of Cena……

  • Dustin

    Glad the IWC aren’t the only ones.

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