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More Details on Shane Helms’ Motorcycle Accident and Injuries

– As noted before, former WWE star Shane Helms and his girlfriend were in a motorcycle accident near their home in North Carolina last night.

Big Daddy Donnie of Tha O Show reports that Helms and his girlfriend had to be airlifted to a hospital and in addition to Helms suffering a broken leg and broken ankle, his nose is also broken, and his jaw may have been dislocated. Helms has received over 200 stitches. Donnie also reports that his girlfriend Karen broke her neck.

Our thoughts, prayers and hopes for a quick recovery go out to Helms and his girlfriend.

  • Stevie

    Ahh you hate HBK, so that’s why you’ve got a bunch of hatred my way. Explains a lot.

  • Devil_Rising


    That doesn’t excuse or justify your comments. You know what? HBK, born again or not, is pretty much a douche bag. That’s pretty much verified, over many years. He may be a “legend”, but don’t let that go to your head. Aside from a bit of shit talking on the net here or there, what have guys like Matt Hardy or Shane Helms ever actually done to anyone? They’ve both been pretty stand up, VERY fan friendly guys over their careers. Guys like HBK, on the other hand, over most of HIS career, was a raging asshole, who probably couldn’t have given a shit less about the fans.

    So please, don’t try to justify saying it’s GOOD that he and his girl got hurt (and could have died), just because you’re emotionally distraught that he DARED to say something negative about the “great” Shawn Michaels.

  • Hombre Malo

    If he’d worn a full face helmet his nose and jaw would have done better.

  • Stevie


    I said kharma because he wished ill on HBK tons of times. Because if this were HBK, guess what he’d be saying?

  • !?

    You people are f**king sick, I wish Shane and his girlfriend a speedy recovery.

  • damkat

    hope they both make a full and quick recovery. Although I am not a fan like everyone else I wish him well.

  • Sammo

    This is horrible news. Thought are with Helms – and especially his girlfriend.

  • theMark

    Hurricane was prolly speeding to get Fat hardy his grapes!!!

  • Buttercastle

    Wow, its comments like the one above that make me question why I even read Internet forums.

  • Devil_Rising


    People like you make me sick. You don’t know Shane Helms any more than any of the rest of us do. But saying “shrug”, and that “it’s karma”, when the dude and his girl could both have died…you’re a sad excuse for a human being.

    So what if the guy is bitter over his time in WWE? Would you blame him? He was de-pushed to the point of idiocy, and fired for something silly that Jericho probably didn’t even get a slap on the wrist for. And him talking negative about HBK? So what? Fact is, I never bought HBK being a total “born again” nice guy anyway. But regardless, the man is a great wrestler, and more importantly a human being.

    Hopefully he gets well soon. And hopefully, for your sake, the next time something awful happens to you or those you care about, someone doesn’t tell you “Sorry pal, must be karma”.

  • Stevie

    Think its a lot of kharma. Dude is just way too bitter and all I can say is “/shrug”.

  • Logan

    Hope they get well soon!

  • jimbo jones

    I dont care much for helms but I hope they get better. I’ve been in a very similar situation when I wrecked my bike and I believe nobody deserves that. It sucks!

  • Bring_Back_Attitude_ERA

    wait, what did shane say about HBK?

  • M.C.

    @Trixie, jeez. no need to get pissed at someone over a small mistake like that…..

  • Trixie


    Uh, no you’re not, because if you were an Arab, you would call yourself such, not “Arabian”.

    Unless you’re just an idiot.

  • cam

    i feel bad for helms even tho i lost restcept for him after the hbk thing

  • CC

    Whats funny with the people saying he deserves it is they apparently think that bad mouthing someone should be punished with physical harm.
    Well, in that case you’ve just bad mouthed Helms, so lets see what you deserve?

    Fucking morons.

  • venom

    Looks like somebody lost their super powers. Get well soon!

  • mark

    yep dont like the prick , but doesnt deserve that . HBK say a prayer for him

  • Bill

    No one deserves to die! Sheesh…… let’s hope The Hurricane & his girlfriend get well soon.

  • Satan

    Shane is a douchebag he deserves it

  • Dave

    But is the Huri-cycle okay?

  • dx fan

    i agree prayers to both but im kinda happy helms deserved it

  • Ray

    Too bad the M.L.B. (mouthy little bastard) didn’t bite the big one. Prayers to his girlfriend, though! Hopefully she’s done with him. :DDD And quit being a bunch of panzies. You all know, secretly, deep inside, you enjoy this bit of news. Or maybe I’m just a cold hearted prick. Either way, win!

  • LMAO

    Shane helms got pwned by kharma. LOL

  • JIR

    best wishes and prayers to both hate to hear about stuff like this

  • Jason

    same here dont like the guy and what he says about other wrestlers, companies ,etc. but never want to see someone seriously injured

  • Joe Wingard

    I don’t wish harm on anyone no matter how much i don’t like them. Get well soon Helms! Your supposed to be in the news saying something stupid and not for being in an accident!

  • Gary

    Damn, Shane & his GF get well soon,

  • WWExtreme

    Hate the guy, but God be with him. I’d never wish harm for anybody unless his name is Bin Laden. And I’m an Arabian btw.