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More Details on TNA’s Lawsuit Against WWE, New Comments from WWE’s Lawyer

– TNA’s lawsuit against WWE has been picked up by The Associated Press. They note that former TNA and WWE employee Brian Wittenstein had signed a non-disclosure agreement when he left TNA and agreed he would not pass on confidential information.

PWInsider reports that nobody within TNA wants to talk about the lawsuit, in private or on the record.

The lawsuit claims that former TNA employee Wittenstein leaked information to WWE, including terms of TNA wrestler contracts. WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt told the AP that WWE did not try to lure Ric Flair or any other contracted TNA talent. McDevitt says WWE never asked Wittenstein to disclose the information and when he did, they fired him and then sent the information back to TNA. McDevitt told the AP:

“To us, it’s no good deed goes unpunished kind of thing. They sued us for doing the right thing.”

The AP tried to reach TNA’s lawyers and Wittenstein for comment but phone calls were not returned. A hearing on the matter is set for June 11th.

  • King albert

    Having to sue someone just makes you a pussy. why dont they try beating wwe with wrestling hahaha

  • Chris

    You people can’t even have a civilized conversation without bashing, and going off topic because your dislike of the said company so therefore you (and people like you) don’t have an opinion, because they are biased and full of hate.

    Lets turn the table and say that WWE was the one suing TNA (like they tried in the past, but that was okay, right? because it was WWE doing the suing), you would be fine with it, wouldn’t you?

    Thats what i’m talking about, you and people like you are so biased that anything you guys say, means nothing and is taken with a grain of salt because frankly, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    You’re just here to troll and not to have a civilized discussion on the lawsuit.

  • Loopy420

    VKM won the congress case against him TNA shouldn’t be a problem. After discovery there will be nothing to sue the Wwe over anyways.


  • No Name Required

    TNA isn’t the only business venture Panda Energy has though, and even though I’m guessing TNA is actually doing well, because I won’t lie I watch it just as much if not more than WWE, if it starts bleeding out money they won’t take money from their other money makers especially not for a wrestling promotion. It’s kind of like being a farmer if a cow isn’t producing milk you sell it or you eat it, it’s not a matter of whose product is better or whose legally right the fact is WWE was built on wrestling or sports entertainment or whatever they want to call it. Wrestling is what makes WWE, but last time I checked Panda Wrestling is not a company, wrestling didn’t build Panda and if it fails they won’t go down with the ship.

  • Ryan

    @Chris okay thats fine if you pay for me to come to the states and then pay for me to do a law degree i’ll do it! also im not a sheep im not a wwe mark i just find it funny that you say you’re a wrestling mark yet you are bashing wwe. Back in the 90’s were you bashing WCW when WWF started taking over in the ratings? I have not once bashed the TNA product but please let me list a few companies i follow for you to kind of help your narrow mind understand that there is more than WWE and TNA….ROH, PWG, NWA, Chikara, Evolve, DGUSA…thank you for your time

  • Tyler(:

    No Chris, you’d prove your point more if every comment was simply WWE hate. I watch DGUSA, PWG, ROH all them companies too, and I don’t fucking make comments simply to hate WWE, and I think they’re much more entertaining.

  • SYM

    Im probably going to get a Million thumbs down for this but honestly Have u seen WWE lately? The WWE a scrambling with Storylines & there ratings are slowly dropping. TNA is improving. TNA is going Live, they are allowing the Wrestlers to control promos, They are trying to do so much so that WWE Marks in the IWC will tune in. And TNA has been good lately.

  • Chris

    No im a wrestling mark.

    Panda has 10 times the amount of money that wwe has. The Panda law films would eat wwe alive.

  • Tyler(:

    Chris stop using the word “WWE Mark”, when you’re a “TNA Mark”, you fucking mug.

  • No Name Required

    This was a bad decision by TNA, they’re poking a bear. TNA doesn’t have WWE’s money. It’s kind of like the cold war, major money loss on both sides and the last one standing is the only one with money. WWE has the advantage and before people start complaining about how much TNA’s product is better than WWE I’d like to remind you that this was not a post on the product, it was a post on the money backing it which WWE has more of.

  • adam

    I really dont think tna should persue this lawsuit. If they do it could only end poorly for them. If it goes into a long drawn out thing it will just cost them more money they dont have. If somehow wwe can find enough of a case to countersue them then there screwed and wwe will own them. Its just not worth it for the little bit of publicity there getting and whatever amount they think they can squeeze out of vince.

  • Chris

    South Texas college of law, why?

  • V-R-A

    Chris, what law school did you go to?

  • Chris

    You don’t know jack shit for a fact. WWE broke the law and has moron sheep like fans to swear up and down that they did no wrong.

    You don’t know what TNA makes and does not make. Carter and Bischoff have already said that TNA is a company that is in the green by more than 100 million dollars. Their words own yours bucko.

    Now go to school and get a job and make something of yourself besides being a WWE mark.

  • Shawn

    This kind of stuff goes on all the time. The only reason TNA found out was because WWE contacted them. I know for a fact that TNA has received this kind of information about WWE in the past but told no one. WWE doesn’t give a damn. In this instance, WWE did what was right, morally and legally, and now TNA is trying to get some money out of it. Sadly, they’re going to end up losing money. This could actually bankrupt their company. Bob and Janice and not happy with how TNA is hemorrhaging money as it is, and now they’re trying to sue WWE? That’s a losing effort and will make them look petty. This could be the end of TNA as we know it…. well, that is, until their video library becomes sole property of Vincent K. McMahon. Can’t wait for Impact Wrestling to air on the WWE network in 2013!

  • Chris

    Why is it so hard for you guys to bash WWE for breaking the fucking law? Is it a crime to back TNA up when they are in the right? Is it a crime to bash WWE when they are in the wrong? WWE marks are the worst

  • Chris

    Ryan try spending 8 years in law school and then speak to me. After this is all said and done WWE will be lucky if all they lose in this lawsuit is 300 million. Unlike most of you guys I do watch all wrestling because I am a fan of wrestling and not one brand like most of you sheep.

  • d

    anyone else think that vince is now gonna try and squash tna and then buy it ?

  • Ryan

    @Chris are you that guy that pretends he works for TNA is he still about? if you’ve watched wrestling for 27 years you would accept all the companies around right now, this isn’t the 90’s wrestling isn’t as big as it was then and as for all your comments on the lawsuit how would wwe lose 300 million? TNA isn’t even worth that! nor their talent! its not like TNA will claim wwe owes them $300 million in damages!

  • Chris

    Some of my legal friends are already putting bets down that this case will be settled by the end of July. No way the WWE board will want this to go mainstream public as it will hurt the WWE’s image and will cause some stockholders to sell off there shares out of fear of losing money.

  • cheesehandler

    WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!! isn’t brock lesnar “sueing” wwe over a breach of contract or some shit? and isn’t said lawsuit over a verbal agreement? so why can’t big show be fired….over a verbal agreement? i mean if a verbal agreement is good enough to get you sued in court, shouldn’t it be good enough to get you fired?….for interfering in the cena/big johnny match?

  • what?

    what i mean to say is tna lol

  • what?

    i think somebody should sue tan/wwe for sucking

  • sdd619

    TNA suing WWE, Say TNA win the court case anyway, it would be Beer money to WWE, cause they would make it back through, merchandise deals & live event deals. They are a publicly traded company. Big corporate companies get sued all the time, but never makes a dint in their business. If WWE was to sue TNA, then TNA would go out of business.

  • Prince albert

    Lol i bet when TNA get no where with this suit Chris the faggot will change his posting name on here and pretend he never said anything.

  • Prince albert

    Chris masturbates to AJ stlyes vs Jeff jarret matches

  • Chris

    The way you type tells me my 27 years of watching WWE out classes how ever long you have been watching. WWE according to Vince McMahon is not even a wrestling company.

    I’m so going to laugh my ass off when WWE loses 300 million or more in a settlement.

  • ant

    man Chris fuck you and your hate for the WWE,heres a FUN FACT for yo dumbass,WWE HAS BEEN AROUND YEARSSSSS LONGER THAN TNA so its not being a brain dead fans its being an ACTUAL fan and this is coming from someone who like aspects of WWE,TNA,and ROH

  • wwe zombie

    Chris. All the cussing, all the putting people down. You’re not being a S.T.A.R.

  • Chris

    Shawn if TNA did this to WWE you would be all over TNA for this shit but now that the shoe is on the other foot TNA is just to look the other way because of the big bad WWE. Fuck the WWE an there loyal brain dead fans

  • Shawn

    Seriously… is TNA this desperate for money? Kind of sad, really.

  • poko

    People are getting ahead of themselves. As far as I can tell, they’re only at the Injunction stage, where the named defendants have simply been ordered to hand over all materials associated with the case. Whether or not that turns into a lawsuit requesting damages/punitive action will depend on the hearing scheduled for June.

    Although there will almost certainly be a civil suit against Wittenstein , and probably a criminal investigation, it’s possible that there won’t even be any further complaints filed against the WWE. It all depends on the hearing. If they are exonerated, if they can show that they proceeded according to the law, then their part in this might simply be reduced to being witnesses FOR TNA against Wittenstein.

    All this right now is nothing but law firms posturing. You throw as many charges up as you can and see what sticks. That’s how you prepare yourself for the discovery process. You see it all the time, where most of the charges are thrown out. As for the WWE legal counsel being surprised, I highly doubt that. They likely began working on a brief the very day they found out about the violation.

    To be honest, I think that if the WWE is found to have violated any laws, it’s going to be somewhat minor. They might get fined, some people will probably get fired, but they likely did enough to stay out of serious trouble.

    The truth is, we likely won’t find out how things are going to shake down until June. Anything written until the hearing will likely be speculation.

  • Justin sane

    Just say I told you so now and no worries about coming back.

  • Chris

    The lack of knowledge on how the law works on this site is just sad.

    In three months’ time or so after a settlement has been reached I will be back to say I told you so.

  • Justin sane

    If wwe didn’t report information to tna from “3 Weeks” I’m sure it was for good reasons. possibly to speak with their attorneys and see which directions do to go. they had an employee who’s lack of integrity broke the law, now they have to protect themselves. I’m sure wwe’s attorneys and human resource office were very busy in those quote unquote 3 Weeks. they get sued all the time they know exactly how to handle the situation.

  • van

    so it was ok that eric bischoff got ecw com. tod gorden to give him
    info on ecw’s lockerroom and steal thier talent. in other words its sports entertainment in the attidue era alot of wrestlers left wcw for wwf vice visur look at jeff jarret he was in wcw wwf wcw wwf and then stayed in wcw then vince fired publicly jeff so think about this tna or impact wrestling is full of ex wwf/e enterainters that vince fired or whatever so all this is completley about money and anger towards vince and wwe

  • bb

    tna going out of business soon anyways.

  • Chris

    Dude when you are chairmen of a fortune 500 company you do have to do shit as you so nicely put. Once Vince is no longer a chairman then that idea will take into effect.

    BTW what the fuck does that have to do with anything via this lawsuit? Changing the subject doesn’t change the fact that the WWE broke the law and will have to pay for it. To be honest if one top dog in the WWE does not go to prison it will be a miracle. Again the federal government is now involved in this case.

  • ant

    @Chris um u dont know shit because EVERYTHING the wwe does Vince gets a big percentage of it he dosent have to do shit but collect checks if he wants

  • Chris

    Yes I have proof because corp and PR admitted it like dumdasses that they fired the man after having the information for three weeks.

    PS: McMahon is not a multi billionare, he never was. Hell the WWE with all of it’s income has just under 1.2 billion of a networth.

    Source WWEcorp

  • ChrisDV


    You got any proof WWE had the info for 3 weeks? And no, “TNA say so” isn’t proof.

  • What?

    P.s. Poko and Chris are the only people that seem to know how to read on this site and not have a fetish for WWE.

  • What?

    “when he did, they fired him and then sent the information back to TNA”

    How does that make sense? How can you fire somebody who isn’t working for you in the first place? People can’t even lie right! Major flaw!

  • poko


    What are you even talking about? You keep implying that a crime can only be committed if one side “NEEDS” to break the law. That doesn’t even make any sense. You think Bernie Madoff was innocent because he didn’t NEED to swindle people? All that matters is if laws were broken or not by someone in the organization. That’s it. I highly doubt it was an organized conspiracy, and that aspect will probably be disregarded, but all it takes is one person in the chain of command who failed to report this, and you end up with a violation.

    I don’t know why this has people upset. You’d think they were being sued personally. I don’t know if someone in the WWE violated the law, and neither do you. Corporations sue other corporations constantly, including the WWE. Need has nothing to do with it, it’s how businesses protect themselves.

    If the WWE reported the illegal activity as soon as it was initiated, then they have nothing to worry about. They don’t need anyone to get outraged and defensive on their behalf.

  • ant

    ummm do you HONESTLY think a BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION like the WWE needs shit from TNA last i checked WWE was pulling a shitload of numbers over TNA and last i checked Vince was a multi billionare who would rather die than let TNA superpass his company and look at how many tna talent are “former WWE talent” like cmon man be serious

  • Chris

    You WWE marks are funny. WWE broke the law by keeping that info for three weeks. WWE are going to fucked for this and you WWE marks are going to lose it when it happens.

  • Whooper

    TNA feeds off of all the released WWE talents, they just need the money!

  • poko

    IF someone in the WWE really did attempt to make use of information gained illegally, or if they really did fail to report the infraction, then TNA SHOULD sue them. The WWE would absolutely sue anyone else for the same thing, and rightly so. That kind of thing is against Federal law for very good reasons.

    I’m interested to know the truth. You might see some high-level guys get fired. I guess it all comes down to when this guy dropped confidential information and if whomever he gave the information to didn’t report it right away. I think it will tell us a lot if the Feds launch an investigation or not.

    Either way, this Wittenstein guy is screwed. He’ll be barbecued by both sides, and will probably be prosecuted. I would hate to be him. I bet Vince is furious. As others have said, the WWE didn’t need inside information at all, so this dumbass has probably put them in this position for nothing.

  • D2K

    Well, there goes any chance of any future partnerships. It’s amazing how easily greed can screw things up.

  • Jimbo

    TNA must be hurting for money.

  • ant

    i find it funny how tna thinks wwe NEEDS there little information in order to beat them