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Diamond Dallas Page Asks Fans for Their Support In Helping Scott Hall

Diamond Dallas Page is asking for support from fans as they try to turn Scott Hall’s life around. Hall, who has been clean and sober for over 40 days, noted in the video above that he feels “peaceful” for the first time in a long time. In just a little under two weeks, Hall has already lost 10 pounds.

Page mentioned to Raj Giri of WrestlingInc that they have been meeting with doctors about performing hip replacement surgery on Hall. Page noted that it’s “really f–king expensive,” and they are looking to help raise $80,000 to cover the surgery, as well as physical therapy, dental work and other medical expenses.

Page admitted that it’s a lofty goal, but they hope to do what they can. You can help support Hall and donate by clicking here, and share the link share with your friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. Fans that donate $3,500 will be flown in to the “Accountability Crib” and will be able to meet Scott and either DDP or Jake “The Snake” Roberts and stay the night in the house. Only ten of these packages will be given out. Fans that donate $30 will receive a call from Hall.

  • When the doctors will perform a major surgery on you, one of the recommendations is to fix any problem you might have with your tooth, because tooths are directly related with your heart pressure, so in the middle of the operation, a black tooth can really kill you because your heart rate pressure will increase even more.

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s kind of pointless to bring up. However, as I already stated, when it comes to fundraisers, criticizing what they’re asking for is also rather pointless, seeing as how you have zero obligation to give them any money if you don’t want to. If Scott wants to get some dental work done and doesn’t have insurance, and some fans want to help him do that, as part of “getting his life together”, then what’s the problem? There is none, because you don’t have to donate.

  • David

    ur allowed too, but subject urself to criticism

  • Omar

    So Im not even allowed to voice my opinion?

  • Saying “come on” is kind of pointless when it comes to these fundraiser things. You don’t HAVE to donate a single penny, so why bitch about what they’re asking for? It’s totally voluntary, hence if you FEEL it’s worth it, you donate.

  • D2K

    Yeah. Some oral infections can even leads to death. It’s not the norm but it happen. Exposed nerves are nothing to fool around with. Of course we don’t know what type of dental work he needs done. I was just giving an example as to how it can be very important.

  • Pewp

    Dental work is more than cosmetics, he might have a serious problem.

  • Omar

    Hip replacement and physical therapy is fine but Dental Work?! Common guys.