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Former X Division Champion Gone From TNA

It has been confirmed that Jay Lethal has parted ways with TNA Wrestling. His profile was removed from the organization’s website Wednesday night.

Details regarding his departure have yet to be disclosed.

Lethal’s departure surprised some people within TNA. One company source who was on hand for this week’s television tapings was not aware Lethal was leaving the company.

Lethal worked Tuesday’s iMPACT! television taping after competing in the X Division Ultimate Xscape Match at TNA Lockdown.

Lethal has been sparingly featured since dropping the X Division Championship to Kazarian in January at TNA Genesis.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • Edge-3000

    WOW…Thats was a bad move by TNA

  • LETHAL CONSEUQUENCES REUNION!!! 😀 Doubt it.. But I can dream, right? 🙂

  • Bill

    Don’t forget that WWE did hire Consequences Creed…. so maybe they’ll hire Jay, too.

  • Will Henderson

    i think this may be for the best for Jay to part ways with TNA. by this time next year, TNA maybe no more anyway, and Jay will ether end up in ROH, Japan, the indys or AAA in Mexico, where he can get a good push and better treatment. i don’t see the WWE wanting him due to his size but then again the WWE has hired Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and Daniel Byran and they aren’t big men.

  • Gary

    who says that TNA released him? the article states….

    “it has been confirmed that Jay Lethal has parted ways with TNA Wrestling”

    so reading that, it seems more that either Jay left, or both TNA and Jay couldnt come up with a contract they agreed on…WWE should pick him up but i have a idea they wont…problly end up in ROH or Japan

  • Rucdogg

    man that sux, his Ric Flair had me on the ground laughing, I still have it on my dvr. Damn shame.

  • gerg357

    another example of why tna needs someone who can run thier company.. Lethal had potential why does tna keep throwing guys away who are decently talented??

  • Logan

    Wow…..what the fuck. Hate to say it but TNAs days seem to be numbered. I’ve been a fan since day one when they did the PPVs every Wednesday night because I was introduced to a form of wrestling I’ve never seen. The Knockout division is great and kicking WWEs (IMO). TNA is looking like WCW, like many ppl predicted once HH and Bischoff jumped on board, it’s being overrun by guys who need to step away from the spotlight and let the younger guys shine. I love seeing Sting, Hardy Boyz, Dudleys, RVD, etc., but they should help the other “less known” guys. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t I don’t know I’m not backstage, but Lethal is gone and that just sucks. Who next? Amazing Red, MCMG, Daniels (again). I hope I’m wrong cause I love seeing another wrestling company on TV other than WWE because the competition really does bring out the best in both.

  • RCA

    Another mistake for TNA. Lethal is a hard working, exciting wrestler, a crowd favorite. I’m pretty much done with TNA.

  • JIR

    back to the indys or Japan than

  • J

    Yea those gimmicks were entertaining. But i think that proves that you can give him something and he can run with it. I think he’d be good for WWE..n cuz thasts the PG era. Guys with kiddie gimmicks. Lethal is one of the few guys in TNA that you can give a stupid gimmick to and he will make it work.

    Black Machismo was da man!

  • Saintsman

    The macho man was fun. but Jay Lethal doesn’t have an original gimmick, so he wouldn’t be entertaining enough in WWE. He’s got talent, but so did many others.

  • Devil_Rising

    Maybe now he can quit doing all the stupid gimmicks.

  • wow so he went from beating Ric Flair with the Figure 4 to months later getting released, i know WWE dont really like TNA talent coming over but maybe they could use him

  • Nicko4lyfe

    What a waste of a great talent.