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– Jeff Jarrett has been teasing “big news” on his Twitter account this past week. On July 3rd, Jarrett wrote the following: “Just received some huge news!”

Then on Wednesday, he wrote this: “Huge news is happening today and tomorrow…”

Later on Wednesday and then on Thursday, Jarrett posted photos that he called hints at what the big news is. The first photo looked to be a shot of an island and the second photo was a spotlight that you would see on a movie or TV set. One fan speculated that the first photo was of Staten Island in New York.

Furthermore, Dixie Carter continues to tease something big on her Twitter account. Dixie wrote the following last night: “Oh, if you guys only knew who I met with today….. You will.”

  • Craig

    isn’t JBL living in New York?, ECW Stable maybe (New York), rumors are that Shane Helms is going to be there but that’s not the suprise, the suprise is rumored to be JBL or Batista

  • Miz

    jeff jarret posted 3 pictures up on twitter, one was of the sea, the other was an air plane wing and the other was a ETF spotlight, i think what he is trying to hint to us is the ECW for example, ETF spotlight being ‘E’, the sea being ‘C’ and the wing being ‘W’!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • venom

    Gillberg will probably challenge Nash. lol.

  • Denz

    You’re all wrong. They hired the most amazing wrestler of all time. GILBERG! Who’s first!

  • davidb18


    Shane McMahon is coming to TNA


  • Estaban

    The BIG NEWS is

    STAND BACK theirs a HURRACANE Coming Through!.

    Yup Greg Helms will be signing for TNA!….
    Not REALLY that big to be honest

  • Daniel

    Wrestling would still be interesting if their was’nt all these internet sites that leak secrets and rumors. nothing is a surprise anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on here everyday checking on all the latest rumors, so it’s my own fault for looking. Back in the day though, when there was’nt all this, you never new anything or what might happen. Now…everyone sees everything coming. No surprises. I’m just as bad as all of em though, so it does’nt hold alot of water, but it does’nt make it any less true either.

  • Manny

    geez does everybody who blog here just to hate on whatever announcement?

    you don’t like what Dixie or Jarrett twitter, tell the moderators here not to tell you about it.

    Dixie and Jarrett will say anything to promote TNA, that’s what I would do, when the Hogans, Bischoffs, and Heymans are gone, Dixie and Jarrett will be there, that is the one constant in TNA, those two’s love for this company and it’s them who do whatever it takes to keep TNA afloat.

    It’s the proper thing to do. Believe in your own business. Should Dixie and Jarrett listen to any of you, TNA would not exist and that would be a TRAGEDY in all kinds of way.

  • scooter

    if it’s heyman tna will go bankrupt within the next year the guys there for the money nothing else he’s become just like all the other egomainacs trying to hoover money out of TNA since Dixies a mark for them

  • RaTeD R

    ”good news everyone” lets just sell this TNA gig to WWE and be done with it.

  • Keylo
  • Keylo

    Check out the sun newspaper wrestling section for an interview with heyman and what it would take for him to go to tna
    LEGENDARY wrestling promoter Paul Heyman has said he would join TNA – but ONLY if he could earn $25-30million from the company.

  • Keylo
  • Daniel

    Paul E says he has to have full control if he signs with Tna. As far as I’m concerned that is HUGE news, because that will mean no more Hogan and Bischoff running the company into the f’in ground. I’ve veered away from Tna the last few months, so this would def bring me back to see if Paul can resurrect it.

  • venom

    TNA should hire Sid Vicious.

  • Soulshroude

    Helms appearance is imminent, we all know this and the hint was dropped a couple of weeks ago. Since he is very good friends with Hardy and Moore. But that is not huge news.

    Paul E. is from Scarsdale, New York. As well as began his career as a photographer, he will also be making an appearance in the upcoming film Jackass 3D. These things may explain both photo’s.

  • dirtyplush36

    Staten island?! its so obvious they have signed ghostface killa, raekwon and method man and starting a trios tournament

  • tonyd

    ok ok…..i think…THINK i know what the “BIG” surprise is, i got 5 guesses…..

    TNA Bound For Glory is gonna be OUTSIDE…..

    Paul Heyman is coming to TNA…….



    TNA dont have no surprise they just wanna fuck wit our heads.(the Miami HEAT option is still in question lol)

  • tonyd




  • Joe Thunder

    the rock. who knows. couldn’t be the rock. samoan islands, movie set spotlight? tom hanks, castaway? who the hell knows

  • Jon-Jon

    Acually I didn’t, but still 😛 Haha

  • Jon-Jon

    Oh Lord.. It’s Foley.. I knew it.

  • Joe Thunder

    Perry Saturn is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sean

    Sharkboy is back?

  • Robinson

    Its not going to be the rock or austin EVER, you idiot!!!

  • Rob

    well im From Staten island and if there was a show that was guna happen it would be all over . and its not so no tna show and other then foley who is from LONG ISLAND i cant think of any 1 else. maybe jarrett is just posting his pics from when he was in Brookly lol.

  • Amazed

    wow shane as her new partner would b interesting.

  • mark

    the big news is shane mcmahon is dixies new partner

  • deva

    I think they signed either shelton or shane helms , so thats extremely huge news. Just keep adding jobbers to the fat roster

  • josh

    mick foley is returning

  • 6burgh


  • chandler

    its bill alfonzo

  • Kelly

    $20 pounds yen peso or whatever you use says it’s not heyman but some washup(Though Heyman can be considered one but the man at least knows TNA is a failure)

  • Treg

    Couldn’t agree with Donners more.

    @ChrisDV What? TNA is all about looking for the quick fix. The magic touch so to speak.

  • powerbombin midgets

    spot on donners spot on

  • Johnny

    The return of Paul E. Dangerously… too bad it’s still not enough to get me to watch… maybe they signed Katie Vick?

  • venom

    Even if TNA signed Paul Heyman or they move to NY. It’s not that huge.

  • trick29

    what they talking about is I can’t say dixie carter would kill me….but they got the Rock for 2 month deal..so far

  • ChrisDV

    Because it requires hard work and not quick fixes, Eric.

  • Eric Nixon

    Why doesn’t Dixie stop TALKING about big changes and actually DO THEM?!?!

  • P.o.P.

    maybe they got heyman

  • Keith Learmonth

    Vito, Tony Garea, and Macho Man Randy Savage are all either from, or currently residing in Staten Island.

  • Jon-Jon

    Oh.. And with this whole thing about the spotlight.. That may be Batista with his spotlight thingy that he did at the end of his WWE run? Or it could mean TNA is moving to NYC? Or maybe TNA is gonna film a movie of sorts or something. Who knows?

  • Jon-Jon

    Does anyone notable hail from Staten Island, New York?

  • venom

    I think Jarrett’s news is that creative team told him that he is going to fued with Sting for 2 more years. Dixie probably talked to a homeless guy in NY and is going to make him world champ.

  • david

    what a pair of idiots.. why would you start teasing big news if your not even sure the person your teasing is going to sign..

    remember when the huge news turned out to be tommy dreaner…….

  • 6burgh

    will someone please tell dixie to stay off twitter. the HUGE NEWS thing has been played out. some of the best parts of wrestling is being surprised, the company can build a good rep with the element of surprise.

  • Donners

    i actually know what the big news is!!

    they’ve managed to sign….. The Blue Meanie.

    somebody should actually tell Dixie and Jeff to shut up and stop with this ‘HUGE NEWS’ rubbish, because it makes them look like amateurs when it either doesn’t happen, or isn’t as big as they make it out to be.

    Seriously, until you’ve got The Rock in one of your main events, have sold out MSG, or beaten WWE just ONCE in the tv ratings, give it a rest – you look like idiots!!

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