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Dixie Carter Announces New Signing, Jeff Jarrett Marries Kurt Angle’s Ex-Wife?

— TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced this afternoon on Twitter the signing of a new performer to a talent contract.
“Just signed a new talent contract on someone you guys have been asking about. Stay tuned!” Carter wrote.

— It would appear that Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle’s ex-wife Karen have tied the knot as she recently changed her Twitter handle from Karen Angle to Karen Jarrett. She announced in April that she and Jarrett were engaged.

Following her October 2008 divorce from Kurt, Karen became romantically linked to the TNA Wrestling co-founder. The relationship was said to have started while Karen and Kurt were separated. The situation was revealed in July 2009 when a caller claiming to be a former TNA employee called The Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

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  • MARK

    Yayyy!! It must be the Ultimate Warrior. I hope he didn’t forget how to do his two moves.

  • mack

    Waylon Mercy has signed with TNA… you know what I mean

  • CC

    Dixie needs to stop with this shite. While she hasnt mentioned any names, every time she says shite like this, she basically spoils any surprised they would have had as it gets all the news sites speculating.
    While some might say that getting people talking is a good thing, it ends up a) putting people off, and b) not being overly psyched when the star finally debuts.
    She already ruined it with Jeff Hardy and RVD when they debuted, so she needs to cut it out!

  • Soulshroude

    It’s funny, most of the names mentioned out of mockery are already admin or staff for WWE corporate.

  • erik

    knwoing dixie the tool carter who couldn’t run a nashville dairy queen. it is some old 60 year old peice of shit like jake roberts who hasn’t been sober since 1996. or father time ric ” i have not have had a good match since 1999” flair old buddy arn anderson. if flair and hogan would just have some outside problems and force to leave tna that would be great.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    It was the Mountie who kidnapped Samoa Joe !!! Ive said that all along!!!

  • Charlemange

    Well the only person people want to see are Mickie James and they said Katie Lea which would improve the KO division I don’t want to see he’s not all that and he’s not needed anywhere in the division he’s not x division not good enough for mainevent doesn’t have anyone to tag with Benjamin and haas are with ROH now so I’m hoping it’s a new KO with ability

  • Kelly

    I thought Shelton went back to school, instead of wrestling anymore right now.

  • Truthiness

    Knowing how out of touch Dixie Carter is it’s probably some old washed up has been that no one wants to see anymore. Ditzy…I mean Dixie, has brought all of the things and people that everyone hated about WWE to TNA and acted as if the fans wanted it.

  • erik

    They signed mean street posse and shane mcmahon.

  • scooter

    finally Gilberg has come back to pro wrestling
    nah but its roderick strong hes already been on xplosion I think problem is guys a crappy talker and needs to start at the bottom

  • Speedy23

    Haas and Benjamin vs the MMCG would be an instant classic. No doubt. Or even pair them up with Angle once again. Although yeah, that might be ripping off WWE, but hey, at least it’d be a good rip off.

  • lol

    @Burt isn’t Mickie got an album to promote? I say hire her, and throw out SoCal Cal.

  • powerbombin midgets

    of course jarret will take him some sloppy seconds

  • Burt

    Why is no one mentioning Mickie James?

  • ktaylor2

    Would love to see Haas and Benjamin get signed and face the MachineGuns!

  • killerj

    Honestly I wanna see and I have for years shelton vs sting.. I think in his prime sting and him would have had the match of the decade but I still think they could tear the house down

  • joe2

    They signed The Mountie!!!!

  • lol

    “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan’s return? Finally!

  • THe Cool DUDE

    AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin is another one of my dream matches waiting to happen! AND IT BETTER HAPPEN!

  • Speedy23



  • Rich

    They probably signed either The Hurricane,Shelton Benjamen,or Charlie Haas