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Dixie Carter Teases BIG Signing for TNA

-Dixie Carter just posted the following Tweet:

  • MrNeutron

    Come guys. It’s Dixie. It’s TNA. You know it’s something lame like RVD. (no offense to RVD)

  • Daniel Schein

    Brad a big name could be subjective…..I could see them bringing in Morrison and saying he’s a huge deal…….ironically out of all the former WWE names it could be, I see him doing the most good for TNA. My guess however is Matt Hardy for a Hardy reunion.

  • Daniel Schein

    Or could be Matt Hardy…..I know most of us expect him back in TNA at some point despite the last screw up

  • Brad Grillakis

    @Daniel, they say “Big Free Agent,” so it has to be a big name. Those you mention are not big names. I am clueless then if Batista nt it b/c of info you mention.

  • Daniel Schein

    Batista is gearing up to play one of the main roles in a new super hero movie set up to Avengers 2 called Guardians of The Galaxy……He’s not returning to Wrestling at all for a little while. John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, even a returning RVD are possible. Carlito has said some pretty negative things, but who knows could be him. I doubt it’s anyone that will blow our minds.

  • Timothy Davis

    Batista, John Morrison or a lame ass Goldberg haha

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  • EnderMX

    JoMo perhaps?

  • Brad Grillakis

    ima call “Batista”….who else is out there thats a Big name besides him and I think he lives in FL.

  • Who could they have possibly dug up now