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Drew McIntyre Responds to Roman Reigns, Dusty Rhodes Losing Weight, Evan Bourne Update

– Evan Bourne spent the past week at WWE’s Performance Center. He tweeted:

“Had a great week at the @WWE Performance Center. The place is unreal! Here is a pic of me chillin in an ice bath:”

Bourne at WWE PC

– After The Shield mocked Big Show and Mark Henry for beating 3MB on last night’s SmackDown, Drew McIntyre took to Twitter and responded to Roman Reigns:

“Enjoyed the condescending comment Reigns.I too shook @WWE younger than you kid. Idea,meet me alone on my turf, the bar & we’ll ‘talk’ it out”

– WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes noted on Twitter that he’s slimmed down to 285 lbs. from 324 lbs.

  • MMC

    Ireland is not part of the UK

  • terrible dream

    No,no,no and no
    He maybe great as a wrestler but he doesn’t have an “it” factor

  • Darryll Morris

    Agreed, I personally thought Drew Mcintyre was going to be huge. The whole “Chosen one” thing, bad ass theme. I definitely seen him being a future champ, but then they turn around and waste his talents making him job with 3MB…Absolutely sickening.

  • Iosos Rezorek

    I Agree, Drew, Was Awesome, and i knew he was that work when he beat kane easily, when they were going for the IC Championship. I dont know what happened but he would be awesome in the mix with the Rhodes Storyline, and he would have been a great leader for the shield when they first came

  • TOmC

    It’s a pity that they let Drew McIntyre fall into ridiculousness with the whole 3MB stupidity. He was an awesome heel during his initial time at WWE. They should team him up with Sheamus for some kind of Northern UK Tag Team thing.