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Drew McIntyre On Tour with RAW, Latest Episode of WWE Download and More

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler:

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper’s new wrestling-related movie “Fancypants” will be screened this Thursday at 7pm from the AMC Westshore 14 movie theater in Tampa, Florida. The movie comes out on DVD later this year.

– Stan sent word that last night’s WWE RAW Supershow had 27 minutes and 29 seconds of in-ring action, down from the previous week.

– Zack Ryder noted on Twitter that he is not with the RAW crew that’s headed over to Abu Dhabi for a tour this week.

Drew McIntyre, who is on the SmackDown roster and has been featured in the SmackDown storylines, is headed to Abu Dhabi with the RAW crew.

  • James

    I think Drew is a great talent and wrestler. I know i always enjoy watching him one of the few i enjoy. I like his talent either from the mic or backstage or in ring i think he has it all to be successfull. Start him with a US championship run or getting the title, don’t take him out. Who else will you have to fill his shoes Zack Ryder ? Really ? I think the people should take a look at drew instead of shooing him away. e is great for WWE and will succeed if giving a good story line that i believe he hasn’t had yet. He is like i said one of the few i enjoy watching other than triple h and big show and kofi and punk. Get him going like you did with cena. Let’s get this ball rolling please.

  • venom

    Looks like the Raw brand wants to bring a jobber with them. Drew is a good wrestler.

  • adam

    Ya drew is one of the most underutilized talents in wwe today besides tyler black who is still not on TV for some reason. I mean even if he doesnt win it right away a rivalry with jack swagger for the title would be amazing as both are great in ring workers. Plus drew can talk on the mic pretty good. Thats were swagger losses points his lisp is what kills him.

  • @second city saints he should be more than that he should be a wwe or world heavyweight champ but if that failed which it did so yes he should be u.s. champ

  • Second City Saints

    Who thinks Drew Mcintyre should be u.s. champ?

  • item

    if thats how you fill than hes doing hes job…..hes heel and hes gimmik is exactly what he acts like

  • diddy

    Dolph Ziggler extremely full of himself