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DX Promoting WrestleMania, Zack Ryder Wants a US Title Shot, More

– The pre-sale code for WWE’s SmackDown live event on December 28th in Detroit, Michigan is HOLIDAY. The pre-sale begins tomorrow morning.

– Shawn Michaels and Triple H will be in-studio with the Jorge Sedano Morning Show in Miami, Florida tomorrow morning fro 9:30am until 10am to promote WrestleMania 28 and the tickets going on sale.

– WWE is doing an angle where Zack Ryder is using a petition on Twitter to try and get John Laurinaitis to give him a United States Title shot against Dolph Ziggler. Here’s the description from Ryder’s petition:

“Even after I beat Dolph Ziggler last week, Interim GM John Laurinaitis refuses to grant me a United States Title Match. Are you serious, bro? You guys have supported The Long Island Iced Z and helped make my YouTube show awesome, so I’m hoping you’ll support me once again by signing my Twitter petition to force John Laurinaitis to give me a U.S. Title Match. WWWYKI!”

  • c3po

    HHH just took 6 weeks off to get into shape LOL

  • Dakota

    Ill sign it! He needs to a US title shot. But im willing to wait until Wrestlemania so it will be bigger.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Because Effmenow is a TNA mark. Anything TNA related he sees nothing wrong but ALWAYS bashes WWE.

  • venom

    Yea, Ryder is just a gimmick wrestle. It’s hard to take him seriously.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Ryder acts a little too goofy to me. Kinda like a white Coco B Ware.

  • Buttercastle

    @Duffman Why would anyone cream their pants over Hogan winning anything? Anyone with half a brain can see that the dude is just trying to stay in/force himself into the spotlight and make money because he’s not much good at anything else.

  • venom

    Ryder just got put back on tv around August. He still needs time to develope. I still can’t take him seriously as a champion. I think he needs more time on tv first before he gets another title shot.

  • Sammo

    Shouldn’t HHH be off TV selling a sledgehammer attack?!

  • Monster Zer0

    I actually see him getting it at SS if he gets a shot then. What better place to win it for him, next to Nassau

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I’m not a huge Zack Ryder fan, but I’d much rather see him with the U.S. title than that clumsy ox, Mason Ryan. I’m so sick of Vince’s homosexual obsession with big goof muscleheads with ZERO talent, who get pushed to the moon JUST because of their size. That’s bullshit. Look at Ezekiel Jackson… failure. And if they want to do it right, wait till TLC to have Ryder beat Ziggler, and do it in a ladder match. That’d be the way to go, in my opinion.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Bitch about Sheamus being champ because h was new, bitch about Henry being champ and hes a vet… When Hulk Hogan becomes champ in your Total No Action wrestling you will cream your pants.

    I’d like to see Zach win the title eventually, when he is no longer a joke. At least it wouldn’t be the IC. I cringe when I see those guys holding prestigious titles. But hey, If Santino can be on Wrestlemania and have titles I guess Zach has a chance.

  • Sean Mooney

    I’d like to see Rider win the U.S. Title at Wrestlemania. He deserves it, but not yet. I’d like Ziggler’s run to continue until Wrestlemania before he moves into the main event picture (I expect both Ziggler and Rhodes to be in the main event picture in 2012). I also do not want to see Mason Ryan as U.S. Champ.

  • Effmenow

    Screw the US title, Vince gave the WWE title to Sheamus when he was still green, and Mark Henry is currently the World champion, so why the eff is Zach Ryder NOT WWE Champion?