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Edge Discusses a Future with WWE, Life After Wrestling, Christian & More

– Former WWE Superstar Edge did a media call today to promote his upcoming appearances on SyFy’s Haven. Here are some highlights:

* Regarding a return to WWE, Edge said he doesn’t know if he wants to but hasn’t been contacted by WWE. He feels it’s too soon at this point to return and says he stuck around for a bit after first retiring for the Christian storyline.

* He will be appearing at SummerSlam Axxess but won’t be appearing on the pay-per-view later that night. He said by the time the pay-per-view is going on, he will be headed back to the hotel to wait on Dolph Ziggler and Christian to have some sushi.

* He’s open to more acting projects in the future but isn’t aggressively pursuing them. He made it clear that he didn’t leave wrestling to go into acting and would still be wrestling if he were able to.

* Regarding an off-air role with WWE, Edge said he’s not sure if he would even consider it, maybe in 5 or 10 years. He talked about being that close to wrestling without actually being able to perform might be something he doesn’t enjoy. He added that the travel of an agent job would probably turn him away and said when he travels, his neck hurts, plus he doesn’t want to wake up in a different city anymore.

* Edge said he hasn’t been following the CM Punk storyline on RAW but does DVR SmackDown to see the Christian storyline. He said since he can’t wrestle, he feels watching it right now may be “a little funky.” He said he’s trying to step into everyday life and not have wrestling be a part of it all the time. He said he will never be ashamed of Edge and where it got him, but doesn’t want to be Edge 24/7.

* Regarding the WWE Hall of Fame, he said he would not turn down the offer and Christian inducting him would be a no-brainer.

* He talked about his autobiography years ago and felt that it was too soon but WWE wanted the younger guys to write them at that time. Edge said another book is likely.

* Edge said he’s not in contact with WWE. He said it’s nothing personal, everyone is just busy. He still keeps in contact with his friends who are on the road.

* He said he will be at the upcoming WWE SmackDown tapings in Toronto on September 13th, not appearing on camera but backstage.

  • CM Mark

    I know all about Punks two little short title reigns and then his burial at NOC to end his 3rd one because he wouldn’t wear a suit. After he CARRIED the WWE in 2009. But anyways, Edge ALWAYS got it back and he had month after month title reigns. Punk never got anything he didn’t earn and you can see they can’t wait to take it off of him. I mean, he’s not even the champ, he’s co-champ. What a crock of shit WWE.

  • edo.risk

    Edge wasent a stale caracter, his a good wrestler, who could boost the moment with very hi quality spot. Hell! thats why his one of the greats, and thats also why his forced to retired. His nowhere near bieng a CENA or an ORTON, he could sell his beating and his comeback without looking like a riodiculas act, he was a credible “bad guy” plus he never buried anothe talent. His comment are not buring Punk. His just saying that he dosent want to be active following wrestling and when he follows it, his a Christian fan…

  • Ronni

    Is it true CM Punk dated Lita at one stage?? If they did then it explains everything

  • venom

    Edge wasn’t trying to insult Punk. Edge definately wasn’t buring talent like Cena and Orton.

  • Tyler(:

    @CM Mark, I didn’t say he didn’t know about it, I said he said, he hasn’t been following it.

    Just cos of He’s heard of it doesn’t mean he follows it, fool.

  • sandman

    Edge is not hating on punk just saying he can’t really watch it yet.
    People let up on him please

  • Sean Mooney

    According to the article, it said, “Edge said he hasn’t been following the CM Punk storyline on RAW”. I interpret this as he isn’t watching RAW and wouldn’t be watching WWE at all if not for Christian. Can you blame him for not wanting to watch wrestling and wanting to stay away after being forced into retirement because of injury?

    At the same time, his best friend is finally getting some of the spotlight, and it would’ve been great if Edge was still around (most likely feuding with him) to share the moment. I am sure Edge has heard about the Punk storyline (they show Raw recaps on Smackdown), but I interpreted “not following” as he’s not watching RAW and only watching Smackdown because of Christian. I don’t think that was a knock at Punk by any means. I don’t know what he thought/thinks of Punk in real life, but I don’t think what he said had anything to do with it. He didn’t bring up Punk either, clearly was brought up because it’s the most talked about storyline in wrestling. Edge didn’t mention Vince stepping (storyline and possibly next year) or Triple H being the COO, or Cena tying him as an 11 time World Champion. It sounds like he was asked about Punk, and I honestly believe the only wrestling he’s watching at this point is solely because of Christian.

  • Bill

    @Ray, if you think he isn’t that good, then imagine if he wasn’t in WWE right now. What would be happening right now in the storyline? Most likely it would be the same old “Cena winning all the time” scripts every week.

  • Bill

    @CM Mark, well, in all fairness, the same exact thing could be said about most main eveners. During the years 1998-2002 Stone Cold, Triple H, Undertaker, & The Rock were essentially the only WWE champions until Lesnar, & that was for one title. Edge only became a main eventer recently. What about the other 10 previous years of his career? Besides, Punk did become WHC as he cashed in on Edge. Y2J soon won the title, & we wind up with Cena as champ, but that’s another story. Plus, Edge had many short reigns. His first reign ended in 3 months because of injury in 2007. His second reign lasted about 4 months until WM 24. He regained the belt at One Night Stand, but lost it to Punk a month later. Now, I’m not going to lecture you about Edge being WHC, but I’m sure guys like Cena & HHH who’ve had tons of gold think Punk is doing great in this storyline. Besides, Edge has put on great, competitive matches, so he isn’t a Super Cena destroyer.

  • CM Mark

    I knew I would get a lot of heat for that comment. I’m sorry that everyone on here thinks a spear or an RKO makes you cool. ‘Cause I don’t, I need a little more than that. But don’t get me wrong, Edge is a lot more interesting than most, but when he was around NO ONE else got that WHC. Fact.

    If you REALLY think that Edge doesn’t know about the Punk storyline, then you sir, are the idiot.

  • Bill

    @CM Mark, as much as I like CM Punk, not everyone has to praise the storyline. He said he hasn’t been following it, & most likely isn’t. I mean, he just retired. Don’t you think he’d feel terrible that a new legend is in the making & he’s retired? He’s still most likely getting over his retirement. Besides, Edge generally had short title reigns. As for watching Christian, well, he’s obviously watching because his best friend is finally a main eventer, so he’s probably happy. As far as I know, Edge isn’t a main event jackass. He’s a true wrestler, you know? The kind of guy who’s loved wrestling as a kid & got to live his dream.

  • Starship Pain

    Poor guy… He wants to be in the ring, but he can’t… It’s a shame

  • Ray



  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    Edge is still the the most watched WWE champion Ever 😉
    ps n hes Rated R

  • Tim

    Who cares if Punk is a dick in real life? No one because he is good at being a pro wrestler he isnt your friend. Watch the character and enjoy that forget who he really is. Everything he has said on tv lately is true and if its what he really feels then he seems kind of awesome. I cant blame him for being annoyed by a lot of the people that are wrestling crazed and hassle him either. It would bug anyone.

  • Tyler(:

    CM Mark, what the hell are you on about? why the hell should he give Punk a ‘nod’ when he said he hasn’t been following the storyline, if he hasn’t been following, he doesn’t know how good it’s been.

    also ‘buried’ Punk? You idiot -.-

  • Effmenow

    CM Punk is a dick in real life…

  • JIR

    okay I will mark them but I will need to go to the store and get some pen and paper

  • CM Mark

    Just couldn’t give Punk a nod could you Edge. Why am I not suprised. Edge was just like Cena/Orton. He always buried Punk in the main event. He ALWAYS had to be WHC, just like Cena. If he was still around he WOULD BE WHC, mark my words.