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Why Edge Was at RAW Last Night, Details on What Kind of Money WWE Offered Him

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge was brought to Detroit, Michigan for last night’s WWE RAW Supershow so he and company officials could negotiate his new contract.

As noted before, WWE had previously offered Edge a new contract and were upset that the news leaked about his deal coming to an end. Word going around is that WWE tried to lowball Edge on the new contract they offered him before he came to Detroit this week. No word yet on how negotiations went last night.

To get an idea of how bad WWE tried low-balling Edge, Shawn Michaels makes around $300,000 a year under his contract with WWE and Mick Foley makes a “little less.” It’s said that Edge wasn’t even offered close to what Foley makes.

Source: PWInsider

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Jason is your last name Gentry?

  • Mongo

    Jason you obviously do not know what a quote is either. Me stating “How many times has it been reported that TNA couldn’t afford to pay some of thier wrestlers?” is a quote, that part you got correct good job i’ll give you half of a gold star later. Now during that statement was there anything in there that was quoted from a specific article? I’m double checking right now and do not see anything but clearly I’m not as educated as and official TNA employee who have their TNA e-mail address registered through…wait for it….YAHOO. Seriously kid put you pimple cream on and go to bed the adults are talking here.

  • Jason

    You did Mongo, Just in this thread. Example below

    Date: Apr 24, 2012 at 10:41 PM
    Jason is just making these numbers up, he has no proof of these statistics that he is spouting off. How many times has it been reported that TNA couldn’t afford to pay some of thier wrestlers?

  • Mongo

    Funny Jason I never quoted any “dirt sheet reports about a private company’s gross reports as facts.” I think you need to go back to the third grade and learn what an Oxymoron is kiddo.

  • Little Jimmy

    I’d personally like to Edge in an on screen authority role, same goes for Foley who should be co SD GM with T-Long Laurinatis is getting stale now. Though he should be kept on TV as EVP of talent relations. Regal should atchually be on TV as Josh Matthews replacement.

  • Buttercastle

    It takes two days to film Impact? Wow their ratings must be off the charts.

    Oh wait.

  • Jason

    I have already many times but once again I will post my TNA e-mail address

  • Best In The World

    Jason just show proof that you work for tna

  • Jason

    Hey Mongo ever heard of the term Oxymoron? Well you quoting what a dirt sheet reports about a private company’s gross reports as facts and then accusing me of doing the same thing but saying I am wrong is a great example of that. lol

  • Jason

    Flip Impact was filmed last week via two days worth of tapings. But I guess being on here for like an hour out of the day is so time consuming. The last time I posted today was at 6:22 PM my time which took me all but thirty seconds to do. lol

  • Mongo

    Jason is just making these numbers up, he has no proof of these statistics that he is spouting off. How many times has it been reported that TNA couldn’t afford to pay some of thier wrestlers? Seriously Jason get a clue a life or preferably just go suck start a gun and get off my internet. That’s not a grammar error that’s me taking a page out of your book saying you work for TNA and own a wrestling company, so now i own the internet.

  • Flip

    So they film impact on Tuesday’s who you say you work for yet your on this site all day

  • The real wrestling god

    @Cc u do know wwe pays for their talents flights and hotels. And jason go suck a dick.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    i said this a few weeks ago, if jason was working for tna as he claims to be he would not have time to come on wrestling sites and talk to people LOL jason your a joke

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    whats your last name jason????? this way we can see if you actually work for tna or not!!!!

  • Monty

    Jason, please buy a dictionary. dumbass. How did you even get a job with TNA? ie sold under there name, should be ‘their’ name and the Kim comment should have read: then Kim has him beat. dumbass.

  • V-R-A

    Wasn’t it like 2 years ago between Hogan, RVD, Flair, and Hardy the were paying out like 4 million or something for their salaries? I even think I remember reading that on this site.

  • Jason

    I find this site to be rather entertaining on my off time.

  • JOE

    ^^^4+ months later, and I’m still trying to figure out what’s your purpose of coming on this website.

  • Jason

    LOL at you marks acting like you know what TNA can afford and can’t afford. Any talent that has a signed contract with TNA (Not a paid per show deal) A signed deal gets paid min $75,000 a year with a 10% cut of all merch sold under there name.

    The wrestlers that don’t have signed contracts via people like Winter, Shawn, Shannon Moore, Pope, Jesse Neal and others have an open deal which is getting paid per show that they are booked to appear for.

    Gail Kim at this moment makes more in TNA then what she did with the WWE. In fact if Edge is not making more than $250,000 a year then Kim has her beat.

    AJ Styles owns Edge, hell TNA talent as a whole is ten times better then any WWE talent at the moment. Bobby Roode FTW

  • Mordecai

    It’s a shame that Edge damn near got screwed…

    I doubt TNA could even afford to pay AJ Styles $500,000…just saying

  • Straight-edge

    edge should be the same as foley i mean edge is the man. he still can draw money in a none wrestling role foley is awesome dont get me wrong but he cant draw the money edge can in a non wrestling role

  • pulgeezy

    I disagree about aj being a better performer than edge. And jason u act as if all of tna make that kind of money ha that’s why gail kim and others left tna right or take Bookings outside of tna

  • Loopy420

    And Jason said it best about their top talent…… And I quote… AJ is a mid carder… That’s fucked up

  • Best In The World

    @jason…Edge is better then Styles any day even when hes retired i get aj is a great wrestler but hes nothing compared to edge

  • Steve

    @ Jason:

    Styles is also a full time performer. What’s your point?

    I’d also imagine that Edge gets his paycheck on schedule. You can’t say the same for TNA.

  • Bill

    HBK paid his dues. Foley paid his dues. Edge paid his dues. Now it’s time for them to get paid(no pun intended) for what they did.

  • Jason

    LOL, AJ Styles makes $500,000 a year working for TNA. AJ makes more than Adam. AJ is a mid carder

  • grizz

    Edge is lucky they did not want to pay him what he is worth, because then he would be working for free.

  • CC

    The more money these stay at home guys make, the less the guys on the road will make. Its simple.
    When a wrestler makes $100k a year, that may seem a lot to people who do normal jobs, but when you factor in that they have to pay for their own travel etc, its not a lot.
    If they offered £100k to Edge (I am just using this amount as an example), that would be pretty decent for someone who isnt on the road every week of the year.
    To be fair, Michaels is a much bigger star than Edge, so it makes sense he would get more (same for a guy like Austin if he entered a similar contract), but I’d have to say he should at least be equal to Foley.

  • Jason

    Yeah It’s safe to say that HBK did just a wee bit more for the WWE than Edge

  • D2K

    @ Joe: That is messed up, but unfortunately not surprising at all.

  • JOE

    This guy literally “broke” his neck for the WWE, and this is how they thank him???? #that’s fucked up!!

  • Buttercastle

    From a practical standpoint that’s still a whole hell of a lot more than most people make in a year for working 9-5 five days a week. But business wise I suppose it’s a little low, but really it depends on what they do with him. It would be awesome to have him on commentary for Raw or something that actually put him on tv.

  • Thumper!

    Michael’s makes 300,000 a year and most of the time he’s sitting on the couch watching Raw like the rest of us.

    Some people are just so lucky in life.