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– Eric Bischoff was recently asked on his Facebook what he thought of the Nexus angle, here is his answer…

Boring as hell.

  • john

    the JBL/HBK storylines was the same as nexus but way more diffrent because HBK needed money & jbl was in needed to help if he would make him champ HBk didn’t help him win but at no way out he beat jbl to win his freemdom this storyline with nexus/cena is bout the same but they not letting wade fight cena to get out of nexus they having it where orton could get screw and the cena will help wae win then he out of nexus & wade is champ never know how it could end up

  • sean

    yeah paton it’s getting a bit stale, but what i like about it is that they are making new stars instead of trying to rebuild old one’s

  • Paton

    I actually think after nexus got a bit stale, it has picked up again thanks to Cena, Harris and Hennig are great additions and I would pick watching them any day over a bucnh of about 20 people claiming they run TNA.

  • mj

    people bashing wwe on there pg rating need to understand this isn’t the first time! back in the 80’s with the hogan movement wwe was pg rated and until the Austin era it was the most profitable period in wwe. I loved the attitude era or the more hardcore version of wwe, I also like the fact that I can watch wwe with my daughter.

  • CC

    When Bischoff can come up with something thats entertaining, and not a rip off of stories that have come before, then his comments will have some kind of validity.
    The only interesting thing TNA has done recently is turn Jeff Hardy heel, but its not interesting in a good way, its interesting in a WTF way.

  • Treg

    No one cares what you think B*tchoff

  • cap

    So watch Dragongate wrestlingwatch Dragongateusa wrestling that’ll make you cry foget WWE & Tna Dragongate ALL the way Dragongate wrestling trust me deserves more of a slot time than TNA & WWE at this current moment

  • kmfkt

    TNA…Stupid as f**k

  • erik

    I mean imo wwe is not even watchable anymore. old guest hosts bob barker, meat loaf, pee-wwe herman if that what you guys like old hosts hornswoggle cena and a bad teg team divison then whatever. Tna has really tag teams generation me beer money shelly sabin guns great x divison aj styles, jay lethal doug williams joe.

  • Zach

    Thing is Jay, nWo worked. Why not re use the idea if you can? It obviously worked.

    You act like other wrestling promotions, including WWE, don’t steal storylines. They do. For example, the Nexus/Cena storyline. It’s essentially the JBL/Shawn Michaels storyline from like 2 and a hlaf years ago.

    Another example, the Montreal Screwjob. You know how many times that storyline has been re used by other wrestling promotions? Hell, WWE has even re used it. Get over the “nWo V2″ shit. It’s still better to see one of the most successful storylines in history be re used than to tune in to the bullshit RAW puts on.

    Do I still watch RAW? Sure. I’ve been watching RAW for YEARS. It’s just become a habit. Same with Smackdown. I watch through the good and bad times because I’m a real wrestling fan and I’ll stick around until things get better and continue on through then.

  • kill cena haters

    all tna fans are too dumb to realize how tna sucks so badddd

  • jay

    But i guess immortal or nwo v2 is very entertaing? i cant believe im saying this but i would take nexus over nwo v2 anytime

  • Adam

    Yes because anything in TNA is so much better than Nexus even the Immortals. Notice the sarcasm? Plus I agree with Gir. Dragon Gate wrestling is much more deserving of a time slot. CHIKARA is more deserving of a time slot, and they’re more PG than WWE. Though I do enjoy Friday Night SmackDown.

  • Gir

    So watch Dragongate wrestling
    watch Dragongateusa wrestling that’ll make you cry foget WWE & Tna Dragongate ALL the way Dragongate wrestling trust me deserves more of a slot time than TNA & WWE at this current moment

  • Voltage101

    We really don’t have to choose brands do we? I mean if Raw is rubbish (which it has been lately) then just say its rubbish. TNA’s not been anything special lately either, but I have to admit some of it’s shows are more entertaining than Raw.

    Bottom line is wrestling is just not what it used to be. Go on youtube and check out some of the old school matches and segments that both the WWF and WCW used to have – the primary reason why most of us wrestling fans (who are above the age of 15 most likely) fell in love with it all in the first place. Those days are long gone people.

  • me

    that’s ok, boring as hell is what most people think of TNA storylines.

    however, i agree with him, to a degree, for the most part, it is uninteresting

  • jim

    wwe sucks period.

  • Zach

    Yeah because clearly the man can’t just have an opinion without some kind of ulterior motive behind it right? Fucking morons.

  • Taylor

    i love how everyone was bashing Nexus all the time but once a TNA guy does then everyone is for Nexus. personally they suck and r boring unless Cena goes all the way heel.

    And Russ Sting,Nash,Sabu are all gone from TNA now. well Sabu will be after tonight. And Mick foley isnt planned to wrestke anymore either. Fortune is all young. and immortal has 3 old dudes. And they have an Alliance which is fortune which means 4 old guys and 7 young guys. which 2 of the hold dont wreslte and one mainly manages Fortune. I like TNA and WWE But the Nexus angle is boring and sucks. Unless they make it a War or something i still think its gonna be boring. And who cares if someone like Sting wrestles. hes still good at it.

  • Russ

    Date: Nov 07, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    Bischoff is right. Wwe is for kids with it’s boring ****. Btw who that wrestles besides Jarrett and flair in tna are old? Wwe has more old wrestlers working then tna does?

    are u kidding me? yeah like who jason? last time i checked TNA has Ric Flair(who thinks he is hugh hefner & who also thinks hes in his f*ckin 20s)Hulk Hogan,Sabu(who looks like hes a bald cancer patient & who looks like hes 75yrs old)Kevin Nash(even tho not lately) Sting,Mick Foley, i mean come on man the majority of their roster is Ex WWE Stars…WWE has More YOUNG Wrestlers up & coming than TNA does dude ok…am i sayin that WWE dont have older/veterans on the roster that wrestle no im not saying that because they do but they are either 50xs better than most of TNA’s veterans & do belong on the roster still…

  • Jason

    Bischoff is right. Wwe is for kids with it’s boring shit. Btw who that wrestles besides Jarrett and flair in tna are old? Wwe has more old wrestlers working then tna does?

  • damkat

    so I guess the Immortals make for some entertaining tv then…not. I will agree that Nexus has started to fizzle out but when they started it was great. Eric should maybe work on getting TNA to sell out school gyms and not cancelling shows due to lack of interest before he comments on what the WWE does. Last time I checked they sell out major arenas.

  • http://www.youtube.com/howdaworldtwerks Twerks

    I agree with Russ on his main point, old guys/rehashed angles vs young guys/slightly less rehashed angles…but in all honesty, most of Nexus sucks (outside of Husky and Hennig really. Barrett is overrated and ANYONE would be over as heel with the mic time, stable and Cena as his bitch, hes nothing special and is mediocre at best inring) They could’ve pushed better people than those they are, and these people are in the company right now, people who are young still and have paid dues, unlike EVERY member of nexus.

  • Russ

    why would he be impressed with an angle that features actual YOUNG!!! & UPCOMING!!! Wrestlers??? he only works for the old age home/retirement home/ WCW 2.0/next minute ECW 2.0/back to WCW 2.0 again…this means alot coming from a guy thats living in 1996 aka WCW Bash at the Beach 96 allover again…half the ppl in TNA look like they ready to drop dead anyday now…so continue to do your old age home storylines & perform in a retirement studio while WWE continues to actually perform in actual ARENAS & DOMES & ACTUALLY pushes YOUNG & UPCOMING Future Stars while TNA has a slow painful death

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