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Ernest Miller Shares His Thoughts on Brodus Clay’s Gimmick, Three Hour RAW Hype Video

– WWE has released the following video for RAW going three hours in July:

– Former WWE and WCW star Ernest Miller recently spoke with Inside The Ropes Radio and had the following to say about Brodus Clay using his theme song in WWE:

“I haven’t watched it. I’ve nothing against him, he’s working for a company. I feel like someone told him to do it. He’s trying to make it work. Many fans have said he’s not as good as me and it made me popular without being on the TV show. It’s a little more than dancing. I was an athlete, I could wrestle. WWE had so many people afraid of their jobs, they never let me develop into what it could be. People like this guy out there dancing and saying call my momma, but he’s not the original. I could’ve made it work so in other words, I’m a little pissed off about it.”

  • chronoxiong

    Got to agree with Ernest Miller. The WWE never gave him the chance to develop during his short time with the company.

  • Devil_Rising

    The man has a point. Ernest “the Cat” Miller wasn’t great. But unlike Brodus, he WAS a decent wrestler.

  • shawn

    he wasnt too good, please.

  • Tyler(:

    The IWC is THE Most stupidest community in the world, Including myself.

  • oLyOsso

    Never Liked The Cat, but he has a point! Great Interview!

  • CC

    You must have selective reading and hearing skills if you have never heard a wrestler slag off WWE and Vince.
    Its simple, some wrestlers have issues with Vince, others dont.
    Some have issues and mouth off about it, and will forever be on food stamps, while others have issues and keep quiet cause they know that bridges dont need to be burnt just for the sake of it.
    You dont have to love a guy to work for him, but you do need to know when to keep your mouth shut if theres potential to be onto a good thing.

  • Eddy

    it’s good to finally hear someone not bow down and kiss VKM’s ring
    because hes the only show in town. I hate when all these former wrestlers kiss the
    WWE ass because theres no where else to go. Maybe hoping for Vince to be kind an throw them a bone cut a check that is. Since WcW went out of biz I never heard so many good things about him.