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ESPN Praises Punk & Del Rio, AJ Lee Comments on Cleavage, More

– AJ Lee poked fun at herself while mentioning Tensai wearing lingerie on last night’s Raw, writing on Twitter, “If there’s anything I’ve learned from seeing Tensai in lingerie on Raw, it’s that everyone on the roster has better cleavage than I do.”

– WWE posted this footage from last week’s WrestleMania Reading Challenge in Glendale, AZ:

– The Rock takes the top spot on this week’s ESPN WWE Power Rankings. Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, John Cena and Brock Lesnar rounded out the top five. Chris Jericho managed to debut on the list at number seven.

ESPN’s article praised CM Punk for elevating the WWE title more than anyone has been able to in the past decade. The article also praised Del Rio, stating that if he is able to keep up “his tremendous face turn,” then he might end up being the most entertaining performer in the company for 2013.

  • D2K

    When you let a guy who basically just came out of the movie studio defeat an active wrestler whom has held the title for over a year and a half you have to make it seem bigger than it was.

    No one can take away the fact that CM Punk was able to hold the title longer than anyone since Hulk Hogan and that is a feather that will always be in his cap no matter what happens from here on end, but having him lose it to The Rock at the Royal Rumble was about as horrendous of a booking you could possibly dream of to end his title reign. Especially when we know he’s just gonna win it right back at EC, or Cena will win it at WM. Just imagine the pop of him losing it to whomever had it took place at Wrestlemania?

    If they really care about just haphazardly giving the title to people whom probably shouldn’t have it, they should have held off on Punk/Ryback and gave the guy a shot at being the new franchise by having him win it at WM. Now his push is shot to hell

  • damkat

    I would much rather see her cleavage then tensai.

  • poko

    It’s sad, when you think about it, that everyone is praising Punk’s run as though it being over is a foregone conclusion. The really sad part is that they’re probably right.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Well yea B cup lol. Elevating the wwe title? Nothing is bigger than Cena lol.