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Fallout from the RAW Fire, Chaos Backstage, WWE Gets Media Attention

– In case you missed it, WWE did the entire three-hour RAW last night with no pyro because of the fire that happened earlier in the evening before fans started filing in. Local fire officials also would not allow Alberto Del Rio to drive his car into the arena because of safety concerns.

– The arena fire was picked up by all local media last night in Cincinnati. Between the arena fire and AW’s bad comment about the Kobe Bryant rape case, WWE got a lot of unintentional media coverage with RAW this week.

– The mood backstage at last night’s RAW from Cincinnati was described as “extremely chaotic.” Some felt that it was a sign of things to come for the rest of WWE’s three-hour RAW’s.

  • Keith Learmonth

    You know what I find funny?

    For months, people have been bitching about how the focus of each show, the final moments of every show, should be on CM Punk, because he’s the WWE Champion.

    Now, he goes out, attacks The Rock, then next week says pretty much the same thing, and you all call him boring, and whiny? Seriously, are you people ever going to be happy?

  • chronoxiong

    I’m still dreading the 3-hour format too.

  • Sammo

    Why is there an apostrophe on RAWs…?

    That’s terrible English, Marc Middleton, Sir.

  • Nick

    ^ why are you talking to your self?

  • nick

    @ nick, you can go fuck yourself

  • Bill

    Raw felt like a chore last night. AJ didn’t really do anything special as GM(no offense), Punk started to make things interesting, but Cena was the main focus. Sheamus won super-cleanly again, D Bryan was made to be an idiot, AW made a good joke, but because of WWE’s shit paraonia, he’s in trouble, & The Rock didn’t even have any presence on Raw even though he’s getting a huge title shot next year. To top it all off, it was 3 freaking hours!

  • SpudimusPrime89

    I’m pretty sure the stage fire didn’t help the mood last night. Also, I see Nick is still up to his old ways.

  • Nick

    Only thing they have to do to fix everything and get crazy ratings is put the WWE Title on Tyson Kidd

  • SYM

    HA! They know they fucked up alot of stuff with the AJ Lee as GM and CM Punk as a Heel. Yes I know Punk is better Heel than Face, but they made him a whining Heel who wants some respect. Like give us a Pipe Bomb and get the fuck outta here.