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Was Fan Voting on RAW Legit?, Henry Ready to Destroy, Tamina

– In a exclusive video from last night’s RAW in Atlanta, Mark Henry told the interviewer that he feels charged and validated. Henry says he’s been beating people up for 17 years and anyone who gets in the ring will get destroyed. Henry says the Hall of Pain is in the past because it’s time to destroy a few people.

– In another WWE exclusive video from last night’s RAW, Tamina Snuka spoke with Matt Striker. Tamina said last week’s Vegas Showgirls match was a joke. Tamina added that she’s not our average Diva and that WWE has a huge problem. Tamina said next time she’s one-on-one with Kaitlyn, she’s going to make a statement.

– The WWE App fan voting on last night’s RAW was legit. RAW was originally laid out for CM Punk vs. Randy Orton in the main event. Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio was already scheduled as they didn’t have faith in Rey winning the fan vote.

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  • anti cena

    the voting in WWE is always rigged! taboo Tuesday, RAW active etc ALL rigged

  • Will Henderson

    i bet the WWE Active poll screwed Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston out of the show as in the original plan for last night was to do a Ziggler/AJ/Big E segment with Jericho but Jericho won the poll.

  • D2K

    Tamina has been “making a statement” for months now and yet her push is going nowhere fast. Either they put the title on her now, start building her as an unstoppable heel and then put the belt on her, or let her go.

  • Johhny

    honestly i do not think any live vote is ever legit with the wwe