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Final Card for Tonight’s WWE Capitol Punishment PPV

– Here’s the final card for tonight’s WWE Capitol Punishment pay-per-view:

WWE Title Match
R-Truth vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Title Match
Christian vs. Randy Orton

Intercontinental Title Match
Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett

WWE United States Title Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

The Miz vs. Alex Riley

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

  • xAirer

    WWE said that Orton won on WWE. C O M before orton won on PPV!!!

  • Evil Doink

    @ KpNuttzLol – I hope you are right. 7 singles matches = only 14 superstars made the cut for this PPV? Pretty weak. Less people they have to pay out bonuses to I guess.

  • Grammar Police

    Yo Kyle Dudley… those red lines under your words means you’ve misspelled something. Here are some examples….

    Chritian isn’t on the card but Christian is and Albeto Del Rio is also not a WWE superstar but Alberto Del Rio is.

    I know it’s nit picky, but it’s just too easy to correct before you post.

  • Stevie P

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they give the title to Christian since he’s lost to Orton so many times lately.

  • I can`t wait to see R-Truth win, he deserve WWE Chmpionship!

  • KpNuttzLol

    I get the feeling some other match will be added in just to fill the card up. Possibly a Diva’s match or Sin Cara/Bryan Vs Rhodes/DiBiase of some sort.

  • venom

    R-Truth is definately not winning here. I hope Christian gets his title back. I don’t think Orton will be wrestling.

  • kyle dudley

    John Cena
    Ezeikel Jackson
    Dolph Ziggler
    Alex Riley
    CM Punk
    Albeto Del Rio

  • bragar

    It’s been a while since i saw a PPV where four titles were on the line.

  • Evan Storm

    They are seriously trying to sell a ppv with this as the card?! And they wonder why numbers are down.

  • 6burgh

    orton keeps the title but christian wins count out or dq

  • Sammo

    Having no divas match can makes any card look strong!