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Foley Not Appearing on RAW, McMahon Donates to Foley Cause, Angle News

– Kurt Angle said in an interview this week that he’s interested in trying out for the Olympics and said he wasn’t saying it just for publicity. He said: “I feel really good at 42, and I might be making a statement that him and I are going to start training for the Olympics and go after the U.S. Open, the Olympic team trials, and then the Olympics. It’s about really making the team and making a point that, you know what, the 40s is not old. It’s the new young.”

– As noted before, Mick Foley expressed interest in attending RAW for The Rock’s birthday party this week from Miami. Sources report that Foley won’t be attending. It’s also being reported that TNA had no problem with Foley being on RAW but Vince McMahon would not allow it.

Regarding his work with RAINN, Foley announced the following good news on his Twitter:

“Two days ago, I announced that #10forRAINN had surpassed it’s goal of $40,000, and that I was hopeful of reaching the $50,000 mark. Within the last 24 hours, we have marched over the $50,000 mark, smashed through $60,000, and surpassed SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! This is amazing news for everyone who has joined the fight to end sexual violence. Thank you SO much!”

Foley also revealed on Twitter that Vince McMahon is his third major donor. He wrote:

“Was that reveal not worth the wait! Hey, I am THRILLED to have both @tnawrestling and @wwe supporting @rainn01 . Will write more later.”

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  • venom

    I think they drug test you before Olympics. Sorry Kurt. As this statement him and I, it’s probably his second personality that makes him do drugs, and drinking, and driving.

  • Who’s the “he” Kurt was talking about? It’s possible that he’s training someone else, or, quite possibly, finding a training partner with whom he will try out with.

  • JIR

    Kurt’s pretty damn athletic for the injuries he has suffered don’t think he can compete with today’s Olympians but why not try?

  • keith learmonth

    I feel like Kurt’s statement has been taken out of context. He clearly says: “I feel really good at 42, and I might be making a statement that -HIM AND I- are going to start training for the Olympics”

    Who is this “Him” kurt’s talking about? He makes it sound a bit like he’s planning to train someone else for the olympics.

  • knightcon

    Angle barely won cuz of his neck injury. He dominanted the rounds leading to the finals. I bet he could make the team but sorry Kurt I don’t think any new medals are in your future

  • CC

    Of course TNA would want him on a WWE show, cause then they can turn around and say “Our guys are so important to WWE that they just have to have them regardless of whether they work for the opposition or not.”

    As for Kurt trying out for the Olympics. Considering the shit condition he has been in for years, he wouldnt last very long. There is no doubting the guys talent, but his glory days are well behind him.
    He only squeaked out the win at the 96 Olympics when he was in prime condition, so no way would he even qualify in his current condition.