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Former WWE announcers criticize Mauro Ranallo for missing SmackDown

The fact Mauro Ranallo was not on SmackDown announcing duties this past Tuesday evening was noticed by various folks, even if his travel plans were derailed by Winter Storm Stella.

Former WWE commentators, including Taz and Josh Matthews chimed in on Ranallo missing the showing, adding that they were able to make shows in similar weather conditions.

Taz also brought up the subject on his radio show:

Is Tom Phillips one step closer to taking Mauro Ranallo’s job? Is this needless announcing drama? Weigh in guys…

  • Guest

    I don’t see Grisham as a replacement for Goldberg. He seems like he’s the next Anik. Hosting studio shows and doing smaller shows but not ppvs and big Fox shows. Plus from what all of his podcast subscribers say, it sounds like Rogan isn’t really a big fan of Grisham.

  • jack

    its only a crappy episode of smackdown. not worth risking your life for. simply unimportant. yeah theyd put him in the HOF 2017 as if thats any sort of an honour.

  • Arnold Jackson

    When it comes to play by play guys in the WWE Mauro is the best they have.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Too much drama and too many announcers anyway. Still can’t figure out the 4 man announce team, other than, hopefully they’ll be dropping 2 of them at some point soon.

  • JAckh45

    His contract is coming up very soon and it seems like he doesnt want to sign back up. Feels like hes already checked out calling Elimination Chamber PPV the Hell in a Cell at least 10 times.


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  • Will Henderson

    WWE claimed he was filming a movie hence his absents from the table this week.

  • Will Henderson

    UFC has already hired there replacement for Mike Goldberg with Todd Grisham.

    and if anything, Mauro maybe be groomed for the lead announcer of Raw role if the Micheal Cole retiring from announcing WWE TV rumor is true.

  • D2K

    This guys spins out on the highway, get t-boned and dies, WWE Smackdown will keep on rolling with a replacement.

    There is only ONE of him. Good for him for having his priorities straight.

  • CC

    Can’t stand Mauro, but Mathews and Taz are just whiney bitches who like taking shots at people, especially in WWE. Maybe Mauro values his life over commentary, and those two idiots were more scared of being blasted by Vince.

  • KFail23

    Wonder if this will lead to more rumors of Mauro leaving WWE and head back to MMA specifically UFC with Goldberg gone.

  • MrDr3w

    Drop Phillips and Otunga and go back to a two-man team with JBL and Mauro PLEASE!!

  • Killswitch

    Was there a reason why Otunga wasn’t there, either? I honestly don’t know. It seems like there should be equal treatment here, even if a lot of us hate him.

  • Sorry but Tom Phillips can’t hold a candle to Mauro Ranallo.

  • MindTricked

    “Is this needless announcing drama?”