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Frustration Going Into Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings, Gail Kim Update

– Gail Kim, who is still signed with WWE, continues to tease that she will be returning to TNA on her Twitter. Gail wrote yesterday that she misses her fans but they won’t have to miss her for too much longer.

– There was lots of frustration within TNA going into tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings from Huntsville, Alabama. At last word a few days ago, there were only 800 tickets sold. Internally, company officials were only expecting around 2,000 fans, in an arena that is set up for 10,000 or 12,000.

There has been lots of head shaking about the low ticket sales and people within TNA wondering how Spike TV officials will react since Spike is covering some of the expenses of taking Impact Wrestling on the road.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Logan

    So when’s the funeral?

  • Black Scorpion

    @JIR – You got it!!!

  • venom

    RIP TNA 2011, RIP Impact Wrestling 2012

  • Nicholas G

    @ Dick Coxafloppin I agree with you 100%. Specifically with Paul Heyman who I think is way overrated sometimes on the internet. To me Paul would be no better then Hogan or Bischoff at this point. They need somebody fresh. But the sad thing it may be almost to late for TNA. They got some much financials problem that they created out of there own undoing. I mean you don’t see ROH buying every WWE rejects and they are doing just fine. It just TNA has this whole thing about going up against WWE. Well dare I say old WCW and ECW guys who are still bitter that they lose the War. An it the end that what TNA become a bunch of bitter old guys with huge egos. To me Hogan has lose touch with wrestling and so has many of the other old guys in TNA. An they don’t see to be changing anything to me all I here is talk but no action.

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    If TNA is to try and be a viable wrestling business, they need to eventually dump every high paid star (read WWE). Its not just Hogan and Flair, but all of them. What they need to do is invest heavily in a training program and become the breaking into the business opportunity. Expect to lose future “Stars” to WWE who can at the moment afford to pay high salaries. If they stick to a foundation of bringing in new talent and work on making them stars instead of expecting to bring in stars, they will eventually milk the money out of the giant WWE.

    I really cant understand it being all that hard. As many people are out of work these days, there ought to be a huge pool of talent. If you look back at history and remember the old WWF days there used to be Brooklyn Brawlers that were there to specifically be used to put over talent. The old Georgia Championship wrestling used tons of no names to put in the ring against future stars. Thats how you built up the stars character. Now the companies only have star vs star and dont have a way of promoting.

    I say bring back the boring Brooklyn brawlers to build character and then when a Pay Per View occurs you actually have a match of star vs. star that means something. Vince figured out he could use a paid arena event and televise it at the same time. The viewers have been spoiled for years by getting these paid matches for free. That time has come to an end as people are now bored unless it is a main event match of the top Superstar.

    Dont need Paul Heyman. He did okay back in the day. That day is over, just like Hogans. New day, new creative mind. Less money desires. I think in the end it will never happen for TNA simply because they have a board to report to and there is no room for unproven creative talent to take the reins and run the show. Also in order to get TV exposure they have to be on a mainstream TV channel. No longer can wrestling shows cater to the UHF stations who sorely needed programming. Its a much tougher climate. All the over the air stations are network affiliated and those networks dont see wrestling fitting in anymore. Vince also ruined that with angles like Katy Vick and the list goes on. Again this is Vinces master plan of working towards his own network of wrestling. In the future it may happen as streaming from the net expands, he wont need cable or satellite to deliver his content.

  • Rod!!!!!!!!!

    Bring the six sided ring back dump the old guys and get back to Total Nonstop Action WRESTLING and stop all the BS

  • Jason

    @ Kevin

    Some are. Ask Jimmy Yang lol His FINALLY just cleared.

  • zach

    going to Huntsville, Alabama was your problem. Gotta go to a hot market, Charlotte would of been a close starter

  • D2K

    The conspiracy theory of Hogan and Bischoff being secretly sent to destroy TNA from within by Vince gets more and more feasible everyday.

  • Monty

    Like what was discussed a while ago, Vince doesnt need to buy out TNA to lower his competition. TNA is killing themselves

  • Will Henderson

    i agree with you @JIR, but what TNA needs the most is a financial backer who is willing to take risk and pay the talent well. judging by the way TNA is being run, it looks like Panda Energy maybe losing money every day as a privately traded company. we don’t know how bad the stock on that company, or whether or not Panda is closer to bankruptcy.

    so what Panda Energy needs to do is sell TNA off to ether Viacom or the WWE, as Viacom owns Spike and Viacom would be better at paying the TNA Talent and making sure the product is in better shape, i want Viacom to buyout TNA and do what the Carters will never do and that’s fire Russo and the has-beens except Sting and Angle, as they still got it at their age.

    and they need to adopt a wellness policy similar to the WWE but stricter as in prevent another “Victory Road 2011 90 second main event” from happening as in prevent talent who aren’t in performing shape to not work the match. if the Jeff Hardy-Sting match happened on WWE PPV, that match would be called off and would have an announcement that Jeff failed the wellness policy and has been released from the company.

    to sum it up in a quick way, Panda needs to sell TNA to Viacom, TNA needs a strict wellness policy, TNA needs a better financial backer to pay the talent, TNA needs to fire Russo, Hogan and Bischoff and hire Heyman or someone with good knowledge of wrestling storylines, fire the has-beens and worthless talent that would never draw, and go live and away from the Impact zone.

    but sadly, it may be too late for TNA.

  • RAMSES 2

    DIXIE CARTER HATES RELEASEING PEOPLE!!! SOON EVERY BODY WILL BE OUT OFF A JOB!!!!!!!! Dixie you need some balls!!!!!literlly

  • JaYhAwK

    @ Nicholas G you hit it right on the head with that they should be fronting guys like danials and aj styles who where the main draws to tna and not all the wwe left overs. But angle is one of the best in the business for them right now but the whole he is going to beat all the young talent down is stupid sounds like the young blood story line in wcw but backwards and done before with the mem. TNA needs paul haymen period to get anywhere.

  • Nicholas G

    It like I been saying for many many month and TNA marks don’t want to admit it. TNA there not many interest in watching the show. I mean most of the guys that are running the show right now ruined one of WWE greatest rival in wrestling WCW. I mean look who is in TNA right now tell me who would you pay to see wrestle right now. There really nothing to watch. All I see is a bunch of old age guys in a retirement home. Hogan best days have been done for years. When Hogan was put in the Hall of Fame that was it with Hogan for me nothing more needed to be done with Hogan. Kurt Angle he was great in WWE but since he went to TNA nothing really good has come of it. To me the only reason why Angle went to TNA is so he didn’t have to put young talent over and because he couldn’t kick his drug habit. An to me there is a bunch more reason why I don’t care about TNA and why WWE don’t even need to try to buy TNA now. Why because really whats there to buy.

    In closing this is sad for me because in the beginning I like TNA. It was something different. But some where along the line they lost them self and try to be something they never will be. A big threat to WWE. To me TNA should have never tried to go up against WWE because WWE is just to strong.

  • jay are

    do the show live. stop taping them. but first get rid of the old timers like hogan and bitchoff and their sidekick russo. bring in hayman he knows wrestling inside out. need to change before tna will be out of business like ecw and wcw. if wrestling really matters why are they wasting so much time talking crap instead of wrestling. back in the day wrestling was more realistic than now. nowadays its like a bad soap opera that has no meaning. tna has great wrestlers but they prefer to talk crap instead of wrestle. retire guys like big papa dump jeff jarrett and the dudly boys, they are outdated and should retire a.s.a.p. the girls wrestle better than the guys which is shameful to say but the truth. heard flair is gone, good job tna!!! it’s a beginning. samoa joe looks like humpty dumpty its like he’s lost and needs a gps. look the guy has talent let him beat some people up like jeff jarrett. not a fairy tail match but go at it for a number one spot at a title. tired of seeing jarrett always win because he’s the owner, if thats the case than jarrett should step away and let the fans get what we want to see. send karen home and wrestle the new name is impact wrestling isn’t it?

  • CC

    How much does it say about TNA when they book a 10-12k seat venue and only expect to fill 2k of the seats?
    Surely if you believe thats all you will get, then book a 2-3k seat venue. Simple fact is, if they had booked a smaller venue it might have got a few more people through the door as they would have felt they were gonna get closer to the action.

    The fact that only 800 tickets sold is a pretty huge indication that their product sucks, but they obviously wont accept that.

  • This is so sad.

  • JIR

    My thoughts on a TNA recovery are

    1.) Get rid of Hogan, Russo and Bischoff
    2.) Hire Paul Heyman (give him what he wants)
    3.) Release any dead weight talent sad but necessary
    4.) Focus on marketing to 15-35 demographic
    5.) Do live shows if financially feasible

  • Kevin

    Give it 3 more months and all there checks will bounce…