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– The Undertaker has been pulled from the six-man match at the SmackDown tapings on December 7th in Dayton, Ohio. The match will now be Edge, Rey Mysterio and Big Show vs. Kane, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger.

– Matt Hardy is planning to fire back at Randy Orton’s Twitter comments about Hardy’s YouTube account in an upcoming video. Matt’s “Matthew” account posted the following: “Make sure to check out the Matt Hardy brand youtube channel because their is going to be an entry on there, a can’t miss entry which is going to be about a current WWE champion, and actually one who might think about eating grapes for breakfast.”

Earlier in the week, a fan asked Orton if he was going to open a YouTube page. Orton took a shot at Hardy and replied, “And do what? Eat grapes?”

– The Hart Dynasty will be appearing tonight at the Boys & Girl’s Club on Stillwater Avenue tonight in Stamford, Connecticut from 6pm until 9pm. Fans can receive autographs with a $10 donation to the Boys & Girls Club.

– WWE has continued filming more “Stand Up For WWE” videos this week with fans, employees and wrestlers. Some employees at WWE headquarters were interviewed after CT courts sided with WWE over merchandise worn at the polls on Tuesday.

Word is that the “Stand Up” project is Vince McMahon’s top priority right now. Appearing in the videos has been a voluntary choice for employees and WWE has taken no action against anyone turning the offer down when asked.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Paton

    lets face it, it was a funny comment and if Hardy fires back he has taken it FAR too personally

  • jim

    yeah stand up for freedom of speech vince..i wonder how long i would be allowed to keep a sign saying cena sucks or TNA rules at a WWE show before vince took away my freedom of speech by having my sign removed?

  • daniel

    hardy should stop whining, i swear thats all he does these days,who even gets a sh*t about hsi videos

  • SusyRKO

    Hardy is a bit.ch for take the comment so serious …

  • In Grind We Crust

    god forbid Orton would have a sense of humor.

  • Pieman

    Why would him moaning like a little girl on youtube about a comment made about him be something “not to miss”? Thats pretty much all he’s been doing recently. That and eating grapes and getting imaginary hair cuts.

  • Yiannaki

    a) I’d like to believe that no action would be taken against employees who didn’t how up but I doubt that a lot.

    b) Irrelevant to the article, why do I bloody heck get so many pop ups/ pop unders ads whenever I visit this site???

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