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More Game Features Announced for WWE ’13 Video Game

In addition the roster updates that was reported earlier, THQ has announced some other game features.

* WWE Live will let players experience the atmosphere of a live WWE event, including authentic sound effects, crowd participation levels and compelling commentary, as well as attention-grabbing “Spectacular Moments” – impressive maneuvers like ring breaks and barricade crashes captured with multiple camera angles.

* Predator Technology 2.0 will provide a gameplay experience that’s smoother than ever, with hundreds of new animations.

You can check out a new trailer for WWE ’13 below.

  • mabry

    just have a 4 on 4 survivor series like match, and multi tag team matches…. even LJN maneged to have a 4 on 4 match, with a weird sistem but it worked at least for the time (wwf raw on Genesis and Snes).

  • Apacaveli

    WWE 13” is Gonna Be Tight But We Need 8-Man Tag,I Quit Match,Boiler Room Match,Back Stage Brawls,10-Man Tag,Weight Detection,Casket Match,Beat The Clock Sprint,,Dumpster Match,3 Stages Of Hell Match,Falls Count Anywhere In The Crowd,Crowd Fighting,Ambulance Match,Concrete Crypt Match,Better Inferno Match,Barb Wire Match,Bull Rope Match,Parking Lot And Outside The Arena Brawls,King Of The Ring,Better Buried Alive Match,Better Steel Cage And Hell In A Cell Match Like Be Able To Open The Door,First Blood Match,More Wrestlers From Today,Legends,And WWF Attitude Wrestlers.

  • Joe John

    If they would just take one fucking year off, they would improve the game immensely.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Games are even taking a hit with PG. Like someone on YouTube said “Remember that match when the crowd chanted Oh My Gosh? No? Me either.” Personally that will annoy me… Do some big move and all I hear is holy crap or oh my god chants. Special Ref will make up for that though, that is one hell of a mode for some online fun.

  • @TrevorAllen23

    Special Ref Confirmed by Ledesma himself! Can’t Wait!

  • @TrevorAllen23

    Special Ref Confirmed by Ledesma himself! Can’t Wait!

  • Jeff

    10 years of wrestling games crap. When is thq gonna learn?

  • scooter

    Can’t we remake Wrestlemania: the arcade game I fancy shooting lasers at yokozuna!

  • bb

    here come a pain yes yes yes yes!!!! add me psn bonecrusher2008. anyone want match me i will kick ya ass bitches yes yes yes!

  • Bastion Booger

    It looks good but i still wish you could climb atop the table with your opponent and do moves like that not just by doing a diving attack. I used to love to pedigree people through tables

  • Whatever

    Looks and sounds good but I hate the oh my god chant.
    I want the holy shit! argh, damn that pg…

  • misfit del rio

    Just go back to the grappling engine from no mercy for n64 or here’s comes the pain, and we’ll all be happy.